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Assault Labs Blockade 180 Capsules | On Cycle Support

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Assault Labs Blockade Cycle Support 180ct

With any prohormone, you need to take a supplement that can help protect your liver and other vital organs. This is the main reason Assault Labs created Blockade. It is one of the most advanced on cycle support supplements available. It will help liver regeneration and support, for those aching joints, there is joint support, as well as ingredients for prostate and blood pressure support. All this means safer and bigger gains in the gym when you are on prohormones.

Blockade Main Benefits

  • Liver Support & Regeneration

  • Joint Pain Support

  • Prostate Help and Support

  • Blood Pressure Regulation and Support

Ingredient Breakdown

NAC - To Protect and Support the LiverAlpha Lipoic Acid - To prevent organ dysfunction, remove free radicals, prevent cell damage.Milk Thistle - Protect the Liver, Cholesterol Support, AntioxidantHawthorn Berry Extract - Circulatory System Support, Strengthen the Heart, Blood Pressure SupportGrape Seed Extract - Blood Pressure Support, Liver Support/FunctionZMA - Testosterone & Strength Support, Tissue Repair, Immune SupportSAMe (Sadenosylmathionine) - Involved in numerous biochemical reactions in tissue including the liver, joints and brain. Required for biosynthesis of critical hormones. Repairs Joints, reduces headaches/migraines, Detoxifying the Liver and may also serve to inactivate estrogenic compounds.Saw Palmetto - Prostate SupportCoenzyme Q10 (COQ10) - Used for Cell Growth, Kidney+ Liver & Heart Support, Speeds up workout recoveryGlucoseamine Sulfate - Joint SupportVitamin B6 - Directly Tied to Protein Intake/Blood Pressure Support

Blockade Ingredients

How to Use

As a dietary supplement while on a prohormone cycle, take 3 easy to swallow capsules twice daily with meals.