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BioVape Vitamin B12

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B12 Vaporizers - BioVape Vitamin B12

Remembering to take pills/vitamins in the morning is such a hassle, especially if your running late. Running late can change your whole day and makes your forgettable. Or sometimes you need a spark of energy whether you are tired or vitamin deficiency, this vape is for you. Introducing the new way of taking in vitamins that works, BioVape Vitamin B12 Vape! 

What is BioVape Vitamin B12?

BioVape is a vape that has vitamin b12 to inhale! Easy and simple! B-12 is one of the vitamins that is needed for energy and lack of results in sleepiness and fatigue. Inhaling it is the newest way of taking it and is more effective than taking pills or shots.

How does BioVape B-12 work?

This is one of the easiest and fastest way to get your vitamins. In the world we live in now, its hard to remember to take them let alone have the time to do it. BioVape consists of 5 parts inside the vape: The Tip, B-12 Juice, Atomizer, The Battery, and The LED Light. Small and effective, each vape has 100 poofs without caffeine & sugar crash with natural B-12 energy.

Why does inhaling B-12 work?

The reason why this works so well is because inhaling B-12 is close to 100x more effective than taking pills and even 14x more than taking shots. When taking pills, it takes longer to break down and sometimes you don't even get the exact amount of B-12 that saids in the bottle. Just with 10 poofs, you get B-12 directly. 

What are the benefits of taking B-12?

  • Helps with cell health
  • Maintains healthy nerves
  • Gets rid of fatigue
  • Helps with deficiency
  • No Caffeine
  • No Nicotine 

How do I vape B-12?

We recommend taking a few poofs to see tolerance. Around 10 poofs a day is normal.