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Blackstone Labs The Razor's Edge 60 Capsules

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Blackstone Labs The Razor's Edge 60 Capsules

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Blackstone Labs The Razor's Edge

This unique nootropic supplement is one of a kind. It's something that anyone can benefit from using, not just the athlete.


Want to get back in the game? Want to take it to the next level? Sometimes to get there you need to release the potential that is down inside you. Wish there was a pill that could help? Enter The Razor's Edge. Blackstone Labs has brought the supplement to give you that edge, make you more alert, more driven and give you the abolity to reach your full potential each day.

The Nootropic For Everyone

Now we said this could be used by everyone, but we didn't forget about our athletes. This product will put you in zone. The Razors Edge is the zone in a pill. Block everything else out and focus on one thing...greatness. Get that feeling anytime you need it.

Push Yourself

Whether it's legs day and you just got off a 12 hour shift, or the downside of life is creeping in, this will help you focus, come into the gym fresh, focused and ready to take on the workout of your life.

How It Works


Phenylpiracetam is a Nootropic. In many studies and research it's been show to be very effective in reducing the cognitive decline. It also supports energy, focus and memory.

CDP Choline

CDP-choline is unique because it readily passes through the blood-brain barrier (BBB) directly into the brain tissue. This allows it to increase energy metabolism and neurotransmitter use.


This ingredient is metabolized into modafinil. What is modafinil? It's a prescription medication for alertness. It can increase alertness and increase the speed of learning. It also decreases the errors in performance. With some, it's used to avoid fatigue so those needed to stay up can do so.

Directions / Dosage

Effects will be apparent within 45-60 minutes of use. Take one to two capsules in the morning or 30 minutes prior to needing razor sharp focus and mentality.


Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings per container: 60
The Razor's Edge Matrix 410mg Amount per serving %DV
CDP Choline **
Adrafinil **
Phenylpiracetam **
**(DV)Daily Value Not Established

Other Ingredients: Magnesium Sterate, Silicon Dioxide, Titanium Dioxide

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