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CarbRite Chocolate Mug Cake Mix 468g

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CarbRite Chocolate Mug Cake Mix 468g

Love the convenience of mug cake kits, but hate all the calories and carbs? Then try CarbRite Chocolate Mug Cake Mix for a sweet and easy-to-make treat that is also keto-friendly!

CarbRite Mug Cake Mix Benefits

  • Just 4g of Net Carbs per Mug Cake
  • Keto-Friendly Formula
  • Guilt-Free Delicious Treat
  • Easy-to-Make & Ready in Minutes!

How to Make CarbRite Mug Cake Mix

Directions for Basic Recipe:

  1. Thoroughly combine 2 tsp melted butter, 4tsp water, and 2 heaping scoops of Carbrite Diet Mug Cake Mix in a microwaveable mug or container. 
  2. Microwave for approximately 40 seconds at medium high power.* USE CAUTION, MUG WILL BE HOT!
  3. Let cool briefly and enjoy!

*Microwave times might vary according to your individual machine or if you alter the recipe. Oil can be substituted for butter. 

CarbRite Mug Cake Mix Label & Ingredients

Carbrite Mug Cake Chocolate Nutrition Facts
Ingredients: Erythritol, whole egg protein, inulin (from chicory root), cocoa, whole wheat flour, whey protein, vital wheat gluten, sodium bicarbonate, artificial vanilla flavor, salt, lecithin. Contains: milk, soy, wheat, & egg.

CarbRite Mug Cake Mix Warnings

Allergy Warning: Contains milk, soy, wheat, & egg.


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