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Gaspari Nutrition

Gaspari Nutrition Glutamine 300 Grams

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Gaspari Nutrition Glutamine 300 Grams

Gaspari Nutrition Glutamine is an amino acid supplement used by athletes, bodybuilders, and anyone looking to improve physical performance. This formula is 99.9% pure, micronized, and assimilates quickly in water and other beverages. Research from over 130 scientific studies indicate that L-Glutamine supports healthy immune function, increases endurance, accelerates recovery, helps protect the intestinal tract from damge, and may prevent infections. Gaspari Nutrition Glutamine can help take your workout performance and recovery to a brand new level.

Gaspari Nutrition Glutamine 300 Grams Benefits

• Improves Physical Performance

• Increases Endurance

• Accelerates Recovery

• Prevents Infections

• Assimilates Quickly in Beverages