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Gripad Weight Lifting Grip

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Gripad Weight Lifting Gloves

Gripad lifting gloves are an essential weight lifting accessory for anyone serious about their results in the gym. If you lift weights or do crossfit training, you know how important getting a good, reliable grip is. This is especially true when you start to sweat, and your grip gets compromised.

The secret to Gripad lifting gloves is the 4 layers of 100% neoprene material. The three finger loops found in traditional lifting gloves have been replaced with grips that cover your fingers and palms. This ensures you will maintain the best possible contact with the weights.

The gloves are one size fits all. After a few workouts, the Neoprene material will stretch to fit most peoples hands. The gloves can be used by both men and women, and the unique open design concept prevents the bacteria and bad smells commonly found with inferior training gloves.

If you are tired of sweaty, smelly gloves that let you down during your biggest lifts, then its time you switched to 100% Neoprene Gripad Weight Lifting Gloves. The best gloves on the market!

Gripad Weight Lifting Glove Benefits

• Stronger Grip

• Wicks Away Moisture to Prevent Slipping

• Prevents Painful Blisters

• 100% Neoprene Material

• Three Finger Loop Design

• No Bad Smells or Bacteria Accumulation

• Perfect for Weight Lifting and Crossfit Athletes

Weight Lifting Glove Colors

• Black

• Blue

• Camo

• Pink

• Red

Gripad Weight Lifting Glove Reviews

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