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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Dicobalene-V 200 Tabs

Feeling fatigued and sluggish? You could be lacking your daily recommended dose of Vitamin B-12, one of the key players in your body’s metabolic processes. Dicobalene-V from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals provides all the B-12 your body needs to convert macronutrients (protein, carbs, and fat) into energy, and more! This potent blend of B-complex vitamins that heavily feature Vitamin B-12, B-6 ,and biotin is condensed into one, great-tasting cherry tablet enhanced with Hi-Tech’s Naturally Sweet. Kickstart your body into action and start your day off right with Dicobalene-V!

About Dicobalene-V

Unfortunately for consumers, today’s market is saturated with B-12 supplements that do not incorporate the necessary B-complex vitamins that are required for B-12 to function effectively within the body. The scientists at Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals made sure to pack Dicobalene-V with all of the necessary B-complex vitamins your body needs to make the most out of Vitamin B-12 supplementation. What’s more, Dicobalene-V is jammed with a large 1,000mcg dosage of Vitamin B-12, so not only are you making the most out of your body’s B-12 absorption, but you are getting a massive boost that activates immediately upon consumption. Adding Hi-Tech’s Dicobalene-V to your supplement regimen supports a healthy central nervous system and cardiovascular function, while also working to increase overall energy levels.

While some studies have shown that the bodies of our prehistoric ancestors used to produce Vitamin B-12 on their own, but as our species evolved to eat more meat, humans stopped making B-12. This is why it’s especially important for vegetarians and vegans to take Vitamin B-12 supplements, as it is difficult to get achieve the daily recommended dose of B-Vitamins on a meatless diet. Although humans don’t product their own stores of Vitamin B-12, it is an essential component of your body’s metabolic process - it is the key player the conversion of macronutrients into expendable energy. Don’t spend the day struggling to stay awake and focused; ensure you are getting your daily recommended dose of B-Vitamins with Dicobalene-V from Hi-Tech!


  • reduces fatigue
  • daily dose of B-Vitamins
  • great cherry taste
  • supports active lifestyle
  • fights effects of aging

Directions and Dosage

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals recommends taking one lozenge one to eight times daily as needed. Allow tablet to dissolve under the tongue or in the mouth before swallowing.

Ingredients and Label