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Insane Labs Wake The Dead Smelling Salts

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Potent Smelling Salt - Insane Labs Wake The Dead Smelling Salts

Tired of waiting on your pre-workout to kick in before your workouts? Get an INSTANT boost of focus and alertness with Insane Labz Wake the Dead Smelling Salts! 

Insane Labs Wake The Dead Benefits

  • For Athletes, Weightlifters, Bodybuilders, & More
  • Promotes Increased Focus & Performance
  • Perfect Potency for Focus & Motivation
  • Provides an Instant Boost
  • Enhanced with Spearmint Scent

How to Take Insane Labs Wake The Dead

Directions: Add 15ml (1 cap full) of water to cotton ball under lid to initiate reaction. Secure lid and shake well. Hold botlle 10-15 centimeters from nose and take a slight whiff. 

  • Always keep lid secure when not in use
  • If this product dries out, re-wet the contents using a conservative amount of water to initiate reaction
  • Do not add too much water- keep water on the cotton ball as much as possible

Insane Labs Wake The Dead Ingredients

Active Ingredients: Ammonia

Insane Labs Wake The Dead Warnings

Warning: This smelling salt releases ammonia gas. Keep away from children. Do not ingest. Keep away/out of eyes. If accidentally ingested, call poison control immediately. 


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