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Glaxon Specimen Yo-Yo

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High Stimulant Pre-Workout - Glaxon Specimen Yo-Yo 21 Servings

Boost your energy and workout performance with a Specimen Yo-Yo, a high-stim pre-workout from Glaxon! This pre-workout is not for those who are sensitive to stimulants, as it contains 400mg of caffeine per serving! So if you are a pre-workout veteran looking for something strong, then try Glaxon Specimen Yo-Yo!

Glaxon Specimen Yo-Yo Benefits

  • Enhances Mind-Muscle Connection
  • Provides Supercharged Energy
  • Boosts Energy & Muscle Pumps
  • Helps Improve Workout Performance
  • Boosts Strength & Power Output

How to Take Glaxon Specimen Yo-Yo

Start with 1/2 scoop or 1 scoop of Specimen Yo-Yo to assess your tolerance. Advanced users may mix 2 scoops (1 serving) with up to 16 oz. of water. 

Glaxon Specimen Yo-Yo Ingredients

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 Scoops (15g)

Servings per Container 21

Vitamin B1 (as Thiamin Mononitrate) 50mg 4167%

Vitamin B2 (as Riboflavin) 10mg 769%

Vitamin B3 (as Nicotinic Acid) 40mg 250%

Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxal-5'-Phosphate) 5mg 294%

Vitamin B12 (as Methylcobalamin) 200mcg 8333%

Choline (as Choline L+Biartrate) 92mg 17%

Magnesium (as Magnesium Citrate) 32mg 8%

Chloride (as Sodium Chloride) 157mg 7%

Sodium (as Sodium Chloride) 100mg 4%

Potassium (as Potassium Citrate) 61mg 1%

Beta Alanine 3200mg *

Betaine Nitrate (as NO3-T) 2000mg *

Betaine Anhydrous 1250mg *

Astrolyte Electrolyte Blend 1000mg *

Fructooligosaccharides, Magnesium Citrate, Sodium Chloride, Potassium Citrate

Taurine 1000mg *

L-Tyrosine 1000mg *

Yerba santa (Eriodyctyon californicum) [Aerial Parts] Extract (as SantEnergy Nu) 400mg *

Caffeine Anhydrous 400mg *

Cholinace 300mg *

VitaCholine (as Choline L+Bitartrate), Alpha-GPC, Citicoline. 

L-Theanine 100mg *

Halostachys caspica [Aerial Parts] Extract [Std. to 80% Halostachine] 60mg *

Rauwolfia (Rauwolfia vomitoria) [Leaf] Extract 3mg *

Yohimbe (Pausinystalia johimbe) [Root Bark] Extract 2mg *

*Daily Value (DV) not established.

Other Ingredients: Citric Acid, Maltodextrin, Natural & Artificial Flavors, Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium, Calcium Citrate.

Glaxon Specimen Yo-Yo Warnings

Store in a cool, dry place after opening. Do not exceed recommended dosage. Warning: This product contains 400mg of caffeine. This product should only be consumed by healthy adults, 18 years of age and older. 

Read Label for Full Warnings


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