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Performax Labs

Performax Labs IntraMax 25 Servings


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Performax Labs IntraMax 25 Servings

If you feel like your not quite getting the most out of your workouts that you can, you'll want to try out Performax Labs IntraMax. Performax developed this revolutionary intra-workout supplement to help you take your workouts to the next level. This powerful intra-workout supplement replenishes your bodies essential nutrients which are typically lost during excercise, while at the same time helping to promote strength and gains. IntraMax i the best formula to help you power through even your most difficult workouts. Train at your max with Performax IntraMax.

Performax Labs IntraMax Highlights

  • Replenishes Energy During Exercise
  • Replenishes Depleted Nutrient Stores
  • Promotes Muscle Growth
  • Ultimate Intra-Workout Supplement
  • Enhances Endurance & Strength
  • Tons of Electrolytes Prevent Dehydration

Performax Labs IntraMax Ingredient Breakdown

Amino Acid/mTOR – Combining 6g of a fast-digesting protein with added leucine is as effective at increasing muscle protein synthesis as 20g of whey protein.

 3 forms of creatine – Different forms of creatine utilizing different transport pathways to ensure maximal uptake and growth in muscle mass and strength.

 L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine – A dipeptide that improves hydration and intestinal absorption of nutrients while lowering fatigue.

 Betaine – A tripeptide that improves workout volume and hydration

 Hydromax – A patented, super-concentrated form of glycerol that drives superhydration for intense, prolonged workouts.

 Sodium/Potassium ratio – Essential to replenish electrolytes that are lost in sweat.

Performax Labs IntraMax Supplement Facts


Performax Labs IntraMax Supplement Facts