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L-Leucine 500 Grams | PrimaForce

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L-Leucine 500 Grams | PrimaForce

PrimaForce L-Leucine is an essential amino acid and 1 of the 3 branched chain amino acids along with Isoleucine and Valine. Leucine is found in fish, milk, eggs, brown rice, nuts, and whole wheat bread, although it is difficult to obtain sufficent amounts from food alone. BCAA's are popular in bodybuilding circles for their ability to activate the mTor pathway, increasing protein synthesis, limit muscle breakdown, improve recovery, and increase lean muscle. Users take L-Leucine before, during, and after intense exercise for the energy and muscle-sparing attributes.

BCAA's are often talked about in ratios. The most commonly recommended BCAA Ratio is 2: 1: 1. L-Leucine has the largest impact on muscle growth, so it represents two of the four parts.

PrimaForce L-Leucine Benefits

L-Leucine is among the most popular sports supplements on the market. Many people take L-Leucine individually or as part of a BCAA supplement. The multitude of health benefits are listed below.


•Increases Protein Synthesis

•Improves Recovery From Strenuous Exercise

•Increases Energy Levels

•Reduces Fatigue

PrimaForce L-Leucine Side Effects

L-Leucine has some reported side effects. If you experience any of the potential side effects, or have any concerns about medication or health conditions make sure to consult a physician. Hypoglycemia, Pellagra, Allergic Reactions, and Ammonia Accumulation are the most common side effects associated with L-Leucine.


Serving Size: 5 g

Servings Per Container: 100

L-Leucine: 5 g