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ProLab Amino 2000 150 Tablets

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ProLab Amino 2000 150 Tablets

If you are looking for a potent amino acid, check out ProLab Amino 2000. ProLab Amino 2000 is a formula that is made with 2000mg of pure, naturally occurring L-form amino acids per tablet. This supplement will help build and support lean muscle growth and support positive nitrogen balance to fuel growth. ProLab Amino 2000 helps improve muscular fitness and balance while improving your heart health. Pick up a bottle today!

ProLab Amino 2000 Product Benefits

  • Helps Build & Support Lean Muscle
  • Supports Positive Nitrogen Balance To Fuel Growth
  • Helps Improve Muscular Fitness & Balance
  • Helps Improve Heart Health
  • Helps Regulate Sleep & Mood

How Do I Take ProLab Amino 2000?

Take two (2) tablets between meals and after training or exercise.

ProLab Amino 2000 Ingredients

ProLab Amino 2000 Supplement Facts

ProLab Amino 2000 Side Effects and Warnings

Store in a cool dry place. Keep out of reach of children.


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