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Redcon MRE Bar Individual

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Redcon MRE Bar Individual

If you don’t have time to make a shake or want to switch up your protein intake, check out Redcon MRE Protein Bar! This delicious bar can be a replacement for a meal and contains a whole whopping 20 grams of protein! Redcon provided a quick and easy way to replace a meal; you can eat a your meal rather than drinking it! Pick up a bar today!

Redcon MRE Bar Individual Product Benefits

  • 20 Grams Of Protein
  • 6 Grams Of Sugar
  • 9 Grams Of Fat
  • Provides A Boost Of Energy
  • Can Be Used As A Meal Replacement

How Do I Redcon MRE Bar Individual?

Rip it open and enjoy!

Redcon MRE Bar Individual Ingredients


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