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Solaray Free Form L-Lysine 1000mg 90 Tabs



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Solaray Free Form L-Lysine 1000mg 90 Tabs

As Seen On Tv Customers: Solaray L-Lysine supplement supplies 1000mg per capsule. Which adequately meets the recommendation of 1,000mg before each meal.

L-Lysine: What is it?

Being an essential amino acid your body requires daily intake of this important acid. Why is it essential? L-Lysine helps support the immune system ability to respond and help manage stress. Solaray’s Product L-Lysine contains only 100% free form L-Lysine which contains no protein fragments usually associated with essential amino acids. Additionally Zinc Chelate has been added to the formula for increased bioavailability.

L-Lysine Why to take this?

L-Lysine Benefits

-Improves energy

-Helps with circulations

-Improve immune system