Redcon1 Adds Mango Flavor to EAA Supplement Grunt

Redcon1 Adds Mango Flavor to EAA Supplement Grunt


Over the weekend Redcon1 announced on Instagram an all new flavor of their EAA supplement Grunt. Redcon1 has been slowly adding new flavors to this product line since the product initially hit the market about two years back.

We should have this one in soon. This all new flavor joins the current line-up of 4 flavors we carry including Blood Orange, Cherry Lime, Pineapple Banana and Tiger's Blood.

For those who haven't tried Grunt, what's great about Grunt is it can be used as a Pre-Workout, Intra-Workout, or Post-Workout supplement, and it stacks great with Redcon1's popular Pre-Workout Total War.

Stay tuned for more info and updates on when we get this tasty flavor in.

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Jun 22nd 2023 BigCommerce

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