SNS Announces New Alien Themed Focus XT Flavors

SNS Announces New Alien Themed Focus XT Flavors


Last week Serious Nutrition Solution had announced it would be releasing 3 new flavors of it's popular FocusXT Nootropic Energy supplement. SNS is really getting into the Halloween spirit with these alien flavors as well as the bringing back the seasonal Candy Corn flavor of FocusXT.

When SNS announced these new flavors of Focus XT last week they told us the flavors would be Alien and Area 51 themed, however they didn't tell us the names of the flavors or reveal what the flavor profiles were.

The all new flavors have now been announced, the new flavors include Green Apple Abduction, Little Green Man-Go Pineapple, and Storming Grape Limeade. These all new Alien themed flavors are not yet out, however should be available very soon. We'll keep you updated as to when these new flavors become available and when we get them on the site for sale. In the meantime, if you're interested in checking out our collection of Focus XT flavors, including the Candy Corn Halloween flavor, you can do so below.

Jun 22nd 2023 BigCommerce

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