Tiger's Blood Supplement Flavor | What Is It & What Does It Taste Like?

Tiger's Blood Supplement Flavor | What Is It & What Does It Taste Like?

What Is Tiger's Blood Flavor?

Wondering what flavor is Tiger's Blood? Tiger's Blood is a mix of Watermelon, Strawberry, and Coconut. Tiger's Blood is the perfect combination of Watermelon and Strawberry with a hint of Coconut. Many people have seen the flavor Tiger's Blood at a snow cone truck as it is one of the syrup flavors!

Strawberry is the primary taste in Tiger's Blood Flavor. The strawberries represent the heart's blood of the tiger's blood. The strawberries come with a whole lot of benefits for your health; they are full of Vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant that boosts your immune system, improves your skin, and gives you a burst of energy.

Watermelon is the hydration powerhouse in Tiger's Blood Flavor. Watermelon adds sweetness to the flavoring of Tiger's Blood which can offset the tartness of the strawberries. Watermelon juice is full of amino acids and nutrients that may help with inflammation.

Coconut infuses the flavor with a tropical taste and fragrance, but you only need a little bit of coconut because of how strong the flavor is. Coconut has a low carbohydrate content; its manganese content can help the body metabolize carbs more efficiently and is great for your bone health. Coconut can also help stabilize your blood sugar which will help with a more balanced mood and healthier outlook.

Tiger's Blood Flavor In Supplements

Tiger's Blood Flavoring has been increasingly more popular within the supplement industry. Many brands like Ryse Supplements, Swole AF, Apollon Nutrition, and so many more have come out with various supplements that are flavored Tiger's Blood. Supplements that include Tiger's Blood Flavor are Redcon1 Grunt,  Apollon Assassin, and Ryse Blackout Pre. Tiger's Blood is not a new flavor, but many people wonder what the flavor is.

We have a huge selection of Tiger's Blood Flavoring supplements and carry a variety of products that are flavored Tiger's Blood. We carry pre-workouts, energy drinks, and amino supplements!

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History Of Tiger's Blood Flavor

Tiger's Blood is commonly misattributed to the actor Charlie Sheen. The name was actually inspired by the deep red color and it started in southern United States and made its way to Hawaii. Tiger's Blood Flavoring is often used as a shaved ice syrup flavor, but has become more popular as a flavor in snacks, drinks, and supplements.


Overall Tiger's Blood flavoring has been around for a really long time, but recently it has become a super popular flavor amongst supplements, snacks, and drinks. Now you are aware the Tiger's Blood is a mixture of flavors from Strawberries and Watermelons with a hint of Coconut. So if you are a fan of those three fruits, try a Tiger's Blood Flavored Supplement!

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