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19-Nor Andro Guide

What Is 19-Nor Andro?

19-Nor Andro is one of the most popular andro supplements for those looking to build lean muscle mass. 19-Nor Andro is known for increasing testosterone in the body and helping users to gain more lean muscle mass. With a 19-Nor Andro supplement, users can experience an increase in overall strength, achieve better endurance, and get leaner.

19-Nor-DHEA is a precursor to nandrolone. 19-Nor-DHEA has a few different names including 19-Norandrostenedione, 17beta-Hydroxy 19 Nor 4 Androsten 3 One, Estrenolone, Nandrolone, Norandrostenolone, and Nortestosterone. This compound is six times more anabolic than testosterone.

19-Nor Andro products

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Decabolin 19-Nor Andro


Boost Testosterone & Anabolic Effects with Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Decabolin 60CT Are you ready to follow in the steps of the Legendary Nandrolone? This powerful anabolic stacking prohormone will be as effective as Nandrolone to lower estrogen and increase your size and strength! 

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Osta-Plex 60CT


The SARMS God - Hi-Tech OstaPlex Time to get that body you have been craving for with Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, or SARMS! The best bodybuilding steroid to create muscles and increase strength! Now you can be up there with the top dogs and show off your physic! Introducing Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Osta-Plex! 

nandrolone & testosterone

Nandrolone is very similar to testosterone. The difference is that 19-Nor Andro is missing the number 19 carbon atom and also the hydrogen atoms. Otherwise they are identical. The positive to this is that it means less side effects for the users, specifically prostate and sexual issues. This means that the users get all the anabolic effects of increased testosterone without the negative effects that come along with it. 

Can Women Take 19-Nor Andro?

Though we don't recommend women to take prohormones, we have some female customers that choose to take this product at a low dose. 

what age is best for 19-Nor Andro?

We don't recommend anyone under the age of 21 to try this product or any sort of andro product. Though we do see older users get more out of these products than younger users. 


Cycling & Dosing 19-Nor Andro

With 19-Nor Andro, it is recommended to take up to eight weeks. With Hi-Tech Decabolin, it will require two bottles to ensure a full eight week dose. Then take a PCT for four weeks. Once your PCT is done, we recommend that you take four to eight weeks off before running a new cycle. 

During Weeks 1-8: Decabolin- 2 Capsules Per Day (1 In The Morning & 1 In The Evening)

During Weeks 8-12: Arimiplex- 2 Capsules Per Day (1 In The Morning & 1 In The Evening)

During Weeks 12-18: Off Cycle

  • Increased Power & Strength: 19-Nor Andro is excellent if you are looking to hit a new PR. Many Power Lifters choose this andro over others.
  • Improved Endurance & Overall Strength: If you are doing any sort of HIIT training, this andro can help achieve better times for these types of workouts.
  • Better Sex Drive & Libido: More testosterone means you are going to have a higher libido.
  • Quicker Recovery Times: Better recovery times means that you will be hitting the gym more often than usual. 
  • Joint Pain Aid: This andro can help aid in joint pain especially during the winter months when joint pain can be bad for some athletes and bodybuilders. 

Why Take 19-Nor Andro? What Are The Benefits?

Most bodybuilders and athletes take 19-Nor Andro because of the ability to increase lean muscle mass, strength, and recovery. Depending on your diet while cycling 19-Nor Androl, you can take it for bulking or cutting. 

What Are The Side Effects Of Taking 19-Nor Andro?

With any prohormone or andro supplement, it has some potential side effects. 

  • Oily Skin & Acne
  • More Defined Jawline
  • Increased Hair Growth
  • More Aggression

19-Nor Andro Prohormones/Stacks:


Can I Stack 19-nor Andro?

Yes, you can stack 19-Nor Andro! Many customers stack Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Decabolin with either Hi Tech 1 Testosterone or Hi Tech 1-AD with Hi Tech Androdiol. This stack can be cycled up to eight weeks. Just be sure to include a PCT after your cycle.

Post Cycle Therapy: Is It Recommended?

Yes, with any prohormone cycle, a PCT is recommended for 30 days after your cycle. 

A PCT will help your body get back to normal levels when getting off 19-Nor Andro.

  • Restores Natural Testosterone Levels
  • Detoxifies Your Body
  • Increases Libido
  • Improves Immune Function
  • Regulates Hormone Levels
  • Supports Prostate Health
  • Blocks Estrogen Conversion

Is Cycle Support Recommended?

When taking 19-Nor Andro supplements, on cycle support is recommended and we'd recommend Hi Tech Arimistane as your on cycle support.

19-Nor Andro vs. 1-andro

The biggest difference between 19-Nor Andro and 1-Andro is the end goal. 1-Andro is very popular for lean muscle mass and losing weight. Most users choose 1-Andro if they are going through a cutting phase. 19-Nor Andro can be used for cutting, but it can also be used for mass. 1-Andros are more of a beginner prohormone and 19-Nor Andros are for intermediate to advanced users.