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Insane Labz

Looking to get the most extreme workout you ever have? Want to take your workouts and fitness level to the edge of insanity? Well then...Insane Labz is the ultimate supplement line for you. With extreme fat burners, pump supplements, pre-workouts and more, you will never have a dull workout again. If you're new to Insane Labz, it's hard to go wrong with anything the brand offers, but you'll definitely want to checkout their Psychotic line of supplements including Psychotic, Psychotic HellBoy Series, Possessed, or the new Psychotic Black, a more moderate stim supplement. While Insane Labz is best known for their insanely High Stimulant Pre-Workouts, they also have some of the most popular Nitric Oxide Boosting Pump Supplements on the market as well. Checkout our wide selection of offerings from Insane Labz and "The Asylum".