Bang Energy Miami Cola, New Bang Flavor Just Announced!!!

Bang Energy Miami Cola, New Bang Flavor Just Announced!!!


Chances are you've been wondering, What is the New Mystery Bang Energy Flavor? Well, it was just posted on Bang's website and it's an all new flavor called Miami Cola.

You're next question is probably, What the Heck is a Miami Cola? According to Wikipedia, a Miami Cola is a cola with hints of Orange and Cherry. Some describe it as a cross between Cola and Cream Soda while others describe it as more of a Root Beer, but sweeter tasting.  

What's kind of interesting about this new Miami Cola is Bang actually fairly recently discontinued their Root Beer Blaze flavor, which was actually quite popular. We still get people calling asking for it and trying to order it, so it's possible Bang is coming out with something fairly similar to replace Root Beer Blaze.

The Bang marketing team went live on Instagram at 11am Florida time this morning and the whole team and Bang employees tasted it live, however they didn't tell us what the flavor was. Around 12 Florida time the homepage of the Bang website featured the all new Miami Cola flavor.

Bang themselves has not gone back live or told us exactly what their Miami Vice tastes like so we'll be keep to hear more.

We should have the cases in sometime next week so stay tuned!!!

Aug 14th 2023 BigCommerce

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