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Blackstone Labs is Slowly Revealing on Instagram Ingredients in their Upcomming Hype Reloaded Supplement

July 10, 2019 2 min read 0 Comments

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This week Blackstone Labs has taken a unique approach to rolling out a new product. In Instagram posts on Blackstone CEO PJ Braun's Instagram Page, he's been slowly leaking ingredients one by one to their upcomming supplement Hype Reloaded.

So a couple months back Blackstone Labs had revealed a new version of their pump pre-workout Hype. The new formula was said to be launching sometime down the road, and was going to be named Hype Reloaded. 

While Hype Reloaded is not yet available for purchase, PJ Braun has been slowly teasing out ingredients one at a time on Instagram. To date 3 ingredients have been named. 

This new formula is said to be Blackstone's Best Pump Formula to date, yes even better than Hype and Hype Extreme

This new Hype Reloaded will feature six main ingredients, 3 of which have been revealed on Instagram. These ingredients are 2g of Glycerol, 6g of Citrulline Malate, and 300mg of the focus ingredient Alpha-GPC.

So, we still don't have the whole formula yet, but this sneak peak does give us a better idea of what Hype Reloaded is going to be like, i addition to a pre-workout and muscle pumps, it also seems to offer support for better mental focus and concentration as well. Stay tuned to our blog, as well as PJ Braun's Instagram account where we anticipate he'll slowly be teasing out the additional 3 ingredients. 

There still is yet to be an official release date for Hype Reloaded, however it shouldn't be too long. If you haven't yet tried the Original Hype or Hype Extreme you can check those out and pick them up by clicking the button below.


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