Does Pre-Workout Expire?

Does Pre-Workout Expire?

Does Pre-Workout Expire?

Like any supplement, pre-workouts will typically have a use by date printed on the tub. Pre-workout supplements tend to go bad if they are made with certain ingredients like fatty acids or fish oil, or ingredients that absorb moisture. If your pre-workout has gone bad, you shouldn't take it anymore because it's unlikely to be effective and can make you sick. If your pre-workout is beyond the date, yes it has expired. Most ingredients will work best within the date but some people will use the supplement anyway.

There are times that you shouldn't use a past date supplement; for example, if you have moldy pre workout. This should be immediately disposed of; there may be some side effects when you consume expired pre-workout like gas or an upset stomach.

How Can You Tell If Your Pre-Workout Has Gone Bad?

  • Smell: Be aware of the normal smell of your supplements when you first open the tubs. If the tub starts to have a foul or stale smell, it could be a sign that it has been open for too long or gone bad.
  • Clumpy: Once the vacuum seal is broken, moisture is likely to get into the tub and will start making the powder clumpy. There are ways to avoid this, read this blog post to find out how to keep your pre-workout from getting clumpy.
  • Doesn't Mix: When your pre-workout doesn't mix easily, that's another way to tell if your pre-workout has gone bad. After shaking your pre-workout, if the powder remains unmixed with a chalky texture, it could be an indication that your pre-workout has gone bad.
  • Mold: Mold is a pretty obvious sign that something is bad and happens when your products aren't stored correctly. Get rid of moldy powder immediately because you can get food poisoning.

Does Pre Workout Go Bad After Mixing?

Typically you will only mix your pre-workout right before using, but if you prep yours before work, there shouldn't be any problems. An ingredient that could degrade is creatine, so instead you could take a capsule form of creatine if you're worried about losing the benefits.

What Happens When You Take Expired Pre Workout?

If your pre workout is significantly past its use by date, it might cause some issues like gastric distress which is probably something you want to avoid in the gym. This should pass pretty quickly, however it is unpleasant and should be avoided.

How To Prevent Your Pre-Workout From Going Bad

  • Make sure the seal is tightened: It is important to make sure the top of the tub is sealed tightly to help avoid air and moisture from getting in.
  • Store in the correct place: Avoid keeping the tubs out in the open, especially if it exposed to direct sunlight. This may cause drastic temperature fluctuations that can reduce the effectiveness of the product.
  • Keep It Cool: If you have room in your refrigerator, you should store the tub of pre-workout in there. It's cold and dark which can help prevent it from spoiling.

Is Clumpy Pre-Workout Bad?

In some cases, clumpy pre-workout is bad and may indicate that it is past its usable date. However, if it is not past the date, you may need to blend the powder to get rid of the lumpy texture or you can break it up with a knife and that will help fix your clumpy pre-workout.

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