Does Taurine Help with Back Pumps?

Here at we sell a lot of prohormones and answer a lot of questions about prohormones. Checkout our recent post about 5 Tips for Dealing with Back Pumps One common question or complaint about prohormones is back pains or back pumps. This is common when taking prohormones and can really happen to anyone. So what should you do about the painful back pump? Take taurine! This has been the cure for back pumps since people have had them. Kevin Bogdan explains why Taurine works and how you should take it.

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Taurine and Back Pumps

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Hey guys this is Kevin from My Supplement Store. Today I'm here to talk about AllMax Taurine. Taurine is an amino acid that can help with back pumps that occur . . . back pains . . . back pumps that occur during prohormone cycles. Now it is a pretty common side effect to have a lower back pain while doing any type of prohormone cycle, so it is good to supplement with taurine.

Now, the reason taurine can help with this, it's been known that taurine has been shown to help balance electrolytes in the kidney. So that is, kind of the research that can determine how this actually will benefit you. I myself, have noticed during any type of prohormone cycle that I would get lower back pains, so, especially during workouts. So that's why I usually recommend supplementing a pre-workout, or if you do intro work out if you want, this specific one is flavorless. It'll mix with any type of drink. Its three grams. It's a serving, and three fourths of a teaspoon is a serving. So you can just do one teaspoon at any pre-workout. Pre or during like I said, and that should really help a significant amount for you guys.

I have noticed that it also helps lower blood pressure a little bit too, so that's also something that's very common during take any typical hormone cycle. Usually the blood pressure does elevate a little bit. Now, you can stay on taurine year round, if you want. There's no reason that you can't, but it is very good to usually jump on the start of prohormone cycle and just kind of continue till the end.

So, all right guys it was just a quick review on why taurine can help with back pumps and back pains during any type of prohormone cycle. So check out My Supplement Store. This is Kevin. Thanks guys.

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