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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Lipodrene100 Tabs

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Lipodrene100 Tabs

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Lipodrene - For Advanced Appetite Control And Metabolic Stimulation!

Our #1 Selling Fat Burner for 3 Years!


Lipodrene, the "Yellow Hexagon," is the original Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Fat loss formula! It was formulated based on dozens of scientific and clinical date from hundreds of Published studies by the most prominent Universities and Medical Journals in the world, including the following: University of Chicago International Journal of Obesity American Journal of Clinical Nutrition New England Journal of Medicine "This technology is unmatched by any other weight-loss or "fat burner" product currently available." Just from these studies alone, it ramped up the sales of this product and quickly it became one of the best selling fat burner in the sports nutrition market. No other fat burner is loved by both men and women. Why? Results.

Benefits & Results

  • Burn Fat
  • Suppress Appetite
  • Stop Sugar Cravings
  • Improve Mood

This is a product you simply MUST TRY if you are having trouble losing weight ... whether your Weight loss goals involve 5 lbs, 25 lbs, or even 75 lbs!

Weight Loss Stack: Want the most out of this ephedra product? This is the complete Weight Loss stack used by our customers to lose the most possible weight in just 4 weeks. Can be taken for up to 8 weeks, but would require 2 bottles of each.

Lipodrene Targets Fat In The Most Stubborn Areas such as:

  • Abs
  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks

This advanced Fat burner technology is a combination of natural herbs and lipotropics specially patented as a 3-way Fat burning system that not only helps you burn away calories and fat, but our unique formula helps to control: Sugar cravings and regulates your appetite.

This unique pill was formulated out of a strong necessity for a genuine, no-nonsense Weight loss product. This All Natural Fat Burner isn't just another diet pill!

Where Can I Find More Information About This and Other Ephedra Prodcuts?

We created the Ephedra Weight Loss Guide to answer questions we have received from customer regarding ephedra and other weight loss supplements.

Hardcore Formula

Looking for something a little more from Original?  Then check out the Hardcore Formula!

The Hardcore formula offers slightly more stimulants to provide you an extremely potent stimulant that was developed for hardcore athletes. It is a rapid release 700mg tablet with 25mg. ephedra extract and 1, 3 DMAA.  The many stimulants in this formula are great for those who have had trouble with little energy during their weight loss programs.  This will provide you much more energy so you don't have to feel tired when dieting.  This version helps you feel energized at a constant pace so you don't have to go through feeling jumpy or having energy crashes.  It will also help suppress your appetite so you can eat until you are done and lose weight quicker.  The thermogenic effect of the ingredients will help your metabolism rise which will allow for increased fat burning, even if you are just sitting around doing nothing.

Check out Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Lipodrene Hardcore here! 

Supplement Facts & Ingredients:

Serving Size: 1 Tablet
Servings Per Container: 100

Amount Per Serving:
Proprietary Blend With Thermo-Rx And Extend-Rx Technology: 560mg
Ephedra Extract 25mg (Leaves), Senegalia berlandieri Extract (leaves) [Yielding 150 mg Phenylethylamine Alkaloids Including Methylsynephrine, B-Phenylethylamine, N-Mehtyl-B-Phenylethylamine, And R-Beta-Methylphenylethylanine], Phenylethylamine HCL, 25mg Synephrine HCL, Theobromine, Green Tea Extract (45mg ECGC), Methylhexamine HCL, Hoodia Extract (Cactus), Cassia Nomame Extract (Plant), Naringen (Fruit), 6,7 Dihydroxybergamottin (Fruit), 5-Methoxytryptamine HCL, L-5-Hydroxytrptophan, Yohimbe HCL

Caffeine(Anhydrous): 100mg

Other Ingredients: Dextrose, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Stearic Acid, Magnesium Stearate, Sodium Starch Glycolate, Starch, Triacetin, Titanium Dioxide, FD&C Yellow #5 Lake, Silica, FD&C Yellow #6 Lake

Directions / How to Use

Take 1-2 tablets in the morning and 1 tablet after lunch. Do not exceed 4 tablets daily. Take for up to 8 weeks (requires 2 bottles). Men or women can take this product.

Warnings & Side Effects: Not for use by individuals under the age of 18 years. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing. Individuals who consume caffeine with this product may experience serious adverse health effects. Individuals who are sensitive to the effects of caffeine should consult a licensed health care professional before consuming this product.

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  • From Robby at 9/6/2016 6:05 PM
    • Does this product contain any type of DMAA? I'm in the military and wanted to make sure this product is safe for me to take and does not contain the same banned stuff that the hardcore version of this product contains.
    • Yes, this fat burner contains a small about of 1,3 DMAA. Not as much as some of the pre-workouts on the market, but yes it does contain it. If you are trying to stay away from 1,3 DMAA you might want to try Synedrex, though that product does contain Amp Citrate...which I am unsure of is banned by the military.
  • From Angela at 2/22/2017 3:24 PM
    • I don't like the extract in this. Do you not have the original anymore?
    • This is actually the original. It hasn't been changed at all. There is a hardcore and xtreme formula, but this one hasn't been ever changed.
  • From Lorenzo at 3/9/2017 8:49 PM
    • Do you guys ship this to Canada?
    • Yes, we ship to canada.
  • From Dean at 3/14/2017 10:57 AM
    • Do you ship this to the uk?
    • Yes, we ship this product to the UK.
  • From Sheila at 3/31/2017 3:42 AM
    • Do you ship to the Netherlands?
    • Yes, we do ship to the Netherlands. Just go through the checkout process and it will quote you a price.
  • From cs at 4/1/2017 9:25 PM
    • Will this product make you fail a drug test?
    • It really depends on what they are actually testing for. There is nothing illegal in this product in the United States. It does have creatine, 1 3 DMAA and Ephedra Extract though. You need to find out exactly what they test for.
  • From Connie at 4/13/2017 8:13 PM
    • What happens it your body becomes immune to the product? If you cycle off the product will it work Again?
    • Yes...it is best to take at least 4 weeks off after 6-8 weeks of use of this product. Some customers choose to take one bottle, then take 2 weeks off before beginning another cycle.
  • From Deedee at 4/25/2017 7:20 PM
    • If I'm only trying to lose 10 pounds do I have to take it 8 weeks and while taking them what foods should I stay away from?
    • It really depends on what works for you. Most users count calories or go on a lower carbohydrate diet while on it. While taking it, you should try to exercise and stay away from unhealthy foods.
  • From Deedee at 4/25/2017 7:26 PM
    • When you stop using this product do you start gaining your weight back ?
    • Only if you let your diet go. As long as you stick to healthy eating, you should keep the weight off

Customer Reviews

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Feb 07, 2017
Above all my favorite diet supplement with energy to carry you through the day. No crashing, rapid heart rythm. Had them in my purse and my car was broken into now I m gonna have to reorder more. I can tell I've gain since I haven't been taking them. Works great!!!
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
Jan 24, 2017
I've been taking for many years not to lose weight but to keep from gaining weight. But a few years ago i got gout and it was when i stopped using it . Gout is a metabolic issue and i haven't had a gout attack for three years now since I've been back on this , and it keeps my weight down as well and i don't drink coffee but i have plenty of energy. I mainly take it to keep gout away and to keep my appetite down.
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
Jan 24, 2017
Been using this product for many years with great success. Many clients had great success too
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
Jan 23, 2017
I love this stuff. I have a really high tolerance for stuff like this and I've tried many different types of supplements, but these work great and give me a lot of energy.
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
Jan 23, 2017
Well what I say this product is the real deal I never thought it would work but after taking for the past year I've dropped 80 pounds just by eating rite and taking lipodrene. This stuff is just incredible I highly recommend it.
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
Jan 23, 2017
Great Product! I would definitely recommend this. Unless they only have one left in stock, then please dont buy :-)
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
Jan 23, 2017
This product gives me a awesome boost to my workouts so I can not only complete my workouts but challenge my self alittle more.
I dont feel any side effects from using it other than awesome endurance which is a positive effect.

Great product!
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
Jan 23, 2017
Totally satisfied with this product and have continued to order.
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
Jan 23, 2017
Garrett Hoover
Hi-Tech has a great product here with this. As a long time user of the famous E/C or E/C/A stacks, I can tell you that this is a very effective way to shred body fat during your cutting cycles. Hi-Tech has mimicked many of the dosages and effects that you get from E/C in their product. I have used this product effectively during my past cutting cycles once I reached a fat loss plateau with other products. This product allowed me to continue losing fat without a drastic drop in calories or increase in cardio. The product just plain works. The dosages are right and the product picks you up, staves off hunger and gives a nice body thermal effect to help burn more calories. This is my favorite fat burning product and I plan to use this again this year towards the end of my cutting phase. I recommend this to anyone that is willing to commit to the weight loss plan. With a calorie deficit and mild cardio, you will see amazing results. Try it!!!!
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
Jan 23, 2017
Eric P
This is my first time using this product and I have been using it for 4-5 weeks now. I only have been taking one before my morning fasted cardio and it has helped with energy and shedding unwanted body fat around my midsection. Combined with a solid diet, you definitely can't go wrong with this. Would highly recommend trying it!
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
Jan 23, 2017
I have used this product before and it does work although I admit that it also helps that my job at the moment involves a lot of movement/exercise so combining the two has helped me transform from a size 16 (almost size 18) to now a size 10; I have a pair of size 8 jeans I am looking to slim down a bit more for as when the holidays were happening I did allow for my diet to change slightly but now thatbthe holidays are over and it is a new year I am working on myself again to fit into them. I am still a size 10 which is good, I am also following a healthy diet which is going or being gluten free, it can be difficult at times however combining this product, the exercise or movement from my job and the healthy diet I am following I know I will reach the ultimate goal I have set for myself. One thing though I do recommend is that this product be used sensibly and carefully because Ephedra is a strong product that works when used sensibly and carefully as it is already know that at one point the FDA banned Ephedra because people did not use it carefully and sensibly so be careful but enjoy it and use it to how best it suits you. Thank you, and I am grateful this product and others that work too are still available
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
Jan 23, 2017
My husband and I both love this product. We have three children and lead active lifestyles and eat healthy, but we keep coming back to this after we've been relaxed over the holidays. I am 33 years old and originally used this product along with BodyPump three times a week to lose 40 pounds after baby #3. Now I cycle on and off to make my small 10-15 lbs. gains at the end of the year, disappear. At first the stimulants are eye opening, for some but I've found that drowning your body in water, helps tremendously. Every side effect I've ever felt has been remedied with 2 large glasses of water. My husband is the king of wasting money on new supplements and he comes back to the every single time because nothing is as effective as this!
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
Jan 23, 2017
I have been using lipodrene for a year now, I had 80 pounds to lose. I have tried so many supplements . That did not do what they claim to do. I can tell you liprodene is a woman bodu image dream. I wanted to look a certain way and it help me achieve it. I have medical and hormonal issue that makes weight lost impossible . I used Liprodrene and it helped. I have incrediable energy to get a workout done. I love this product
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
Jan 21, 2017
One of the quickest and most efficient products that I've used. Perfectly dosed amount of E and C in my opinion. I found one in the morning got me thru the entire day and often times into the next. Appetite suppression would be the most noticeable effect of this product for me I often forgot to eat. Energy is also amazing, popping one with a mild stim pwo has me running laps around the weight! "Love it"!
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
Jan 21, 2017
I use it and i take it every morning and before lunch, and it works, im half way of my bottle right now and ive probably used it on and off for about a year, you feel like youre sweating just by sitting at work, every morning i take it because it wakes me up and gets me ready for the day. Really good product and i everytime i use it i lose about 5-10 lbs but i workout a lot so i see more definition, thats why i love the product
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
Jan 21, 2017
Lipodrene is my favorite energy and fat burner. You get a nice smooth energy that doesn't have a crash. Appetite control is great also I don't seem to have cravings when I'm taking it. Also be prepared to sweat during your workouts you can just feel the thermo working.
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
Jan 20, 2017
This fat burner is one of the best in the business!
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
Dec 14, 2016
This is the only product that has ever worked for me. I went from a size 4 to a 0 over the course of about 9 months. Be careful if you're not used to caffeine. I take 2 pills in the morning after breakfast and that's all I need.
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
Dec 02, 2016
I give this product a 5 star rating!
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
Nov 01, 2016
Stacked with Thyrene and worked. Start slow, but it will burn fat. Worked for me.
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
Oct 19, 2016
I take it 15 to 30 after I eat it working ok but it still make me hungry..idk yet I guess it still early to tell...
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
Oct 19, 2016
I give it 5 stars.
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
Sep 28, 2016
I like these, but they do not work as well as the previous version. I'm sure the Govt. has disallowed some ingredient from the prior version. However, it works pretty well and does not have me spinning like other pills do sometimes.
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
Sep 21, 2016
5 Stars. loved this fat burner!
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
Sep 16, 2016
Jason Ebbs
This is my 2nd bottle and I am still seeing some good results. Not as much as with my first bottle, but total in 6 weeks I have lost 12lbs. I started at 190lbs and now I am almost to 175lbs. My goal by October is 170lbs. I can't say that this is just a magic pill. I am also working out or running 4-5 days a week. My diet is really good too. I stopped drinking as well. I think all this contributes to my loss, but I feel so much better when I am taking this then without it. It's almost my #1 motivator. Definitely worth the price.
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
Sep 07, 2016
Didn't work as well I thought it would. Could just be me.
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
Sep 03, 2016
Never let me down....literally
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
Aug 24, 2016
Works for me
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
Aug 16, 2016
Works for me. This is my 3rd bottle and still works like the first bottle did. Each time I take it I lose at least 10lbs. No jitters, powerful energy and it burns fat like no other. Not sure what else to say. No reason to try anything else.
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
Jul 28, 2016
Gladd the 1,3 dmaa is back. Works awesome in Lipodrene. Been on it for about 3 weeks now and I am down 7lbs. I am vacationing in August and want to lose as much weight as possible and I really believe this is helping a ton. Recommended.
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
Jun 16, 2016
Easy to order. Timely delivery
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
Jun 15, 2016
It works just like advertised.
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
Jun 10, 2016
I reviewed many weight loss products before making this purchase. Many people like to say there is no magic bullet for weight loss, but I can say that I am not done with my bottle yet and I have gone from 252 lbs. to 235 lbs. in four weeks. I have reduced my caloric intake and increased my water consumption as well. No more coffee and I do not drink soda anyway, but you should not drink these considering you would be adding more caffeine to your system while taking this. Are my results typical? I can't answer that, but for me, this supplement works. I take 2 pills in the morning and one in the afternoon. If I could exercise, I would believe I would lose even more, but with a hip injury, that is not possible. Follow the instructions and read the warnings!
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
Jun 03, 2016
This is the only product that has ever worked for me. It really curbs my appetite and I lost the 10 pounds I needed to and then some! This is not a substitute for proper diet and exercise, but it's the perfect fit for me.
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
May 19, 2016
This product works great. My husband also uses it. You will lose weight.
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
May 05, 2016
The first day I took one pill before my workout and although I did feel more energized I also was slightly lightheaded. The second day I did the same thing, one pill before workout but afterwards I felt awful! My head was hurting very badly and I was nauseous. Haven't taken anymore of the Lipodrene but have started taking Phentermine as I've had much success from them in the past.
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
Apr 13, 2016
Works great been taking it for years!!!
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
Mar 31, 2016
This is the only workout/diet supplement I've taken that actually works with no negative side effects. Gives me energy and slightly suppresses appetite without feeling like I've taken something. Takes this off/on for years. Excellent product!
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
Mar 10, 2016
Fast shipping
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
Feb 23, 2016
I love this product, I've always bought it a health shop though where they charge twice as much. It's nice to know I don't have to back there again. Thank You! I will only buy from you.
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
Feb 04, 2016
Muscle Manda
I've read a lot of the reviews before I bought it and I was skeptical but today was my first day using it and it was definitely amazing!! My recommendation is to ONLY take one!!! I was perfectly fine with one and I took it at 8 a.m. And it wore off about 4 p.m. Which was perfect for me because I work out in the mornings! I did feel a bit jittery when it first hit me and I definitely got hot. This isn't a magic pill by any means, so to the people who are using this and NOT working out or doing some sort of moving, I don't recommend it. Also if you have a high tolerance to caffeine then maybe taking 2 a day would suit you better. But for anyone using this for the first time one pill a day seems fine and after a week or two I'm sure I'll build up a tolerance and start needing to take 2 a day. Anyways I'll write another review after I start to see some results from it, I just wanted to write a good review because the ones I read had me sort of scared to even try it! But I'm glad I did!!
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
Feb 01, 2016
Tried quite a few other fat burners and this is the only one that works for me. Each time I have taken it, at least 5-10lbs lost. Don't expect a miracle, but you will lose weight. I won't be changing anytime soon.
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
Jan 31, 2016
DO NOT BUY THIS!!! This product made me extremely sick! I ended up in the hospital. I have a high tolerance for drugs as I took adderall for years but with these I had never felt so sick. I could not stop throwing up. All I could do was try and eat to help that feeling go away. Do not buy! Please! They are just cheap nasty pills filled with many different chemicals!
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
Jan 06, 2016
I have been using this product for about four weeks and I definitely notice a decrease in appetite and thus weight, however you will still have to exercise and have some effing willpower--no pill is going to do everything for you! I take three to four pills a day. I started at 140lbs and my goal is 130lbs; after four weeks (including Xmas and NYE feasts and imbibery--yikes) I am 133-ish.

Not necessarily cons, just things to note: The ephedra extract gives me a runny nose. I also sweat a little (armpits) just sitting at my computer. Sometimes I feel jittery. If I have caffeine with this product--which the label explicitly tells you not to do--I get an nauseous.
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
Oct 27, 2015
Curves my appetite? Not so much. Burn fat? Hard to say 'coz I have been only on it for +/- 3wks and used it as needed. But giving me energy? Yes for about 4hrs give and take..
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
Jul 24, 2015
Love this product. It helps me to reach that final push in the dark space when you are ready to give up your intense workout.
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
Jul 22, 2015
No results yet after 1 1/2 weeks. Makes you very nervous. This is not what i would call Energy. The shape makes it hard to swallow. Tried with a small snack before taking the pills an tried without food still no results other than being very jittery. Not worth it in my opinion. Bought Two Bottles THINKING It Would Work Great But I Would Like To Return THE Bottles If I could.
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
Jul 21, 2015
Love it!!
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
Jul 13, 2015
Lana Del Bae
I have struggled with keeping my weight at a steady and healthy range after losing over 100lbs and have been taking weight loss supplements on and off for a few years now for an extra push as I hit a plateau and couldn't seem to get the scale to budge. Anyone who has lost that much weight or even close to that after spending most of your life overweight or obese knows how hard it can be to remain cognizant about keeping those pounds from coming back, especially as you get older. Why does food have to taste so delicious? I thought I had found a miracle in a bottle with OxyElite Pro so was fortunate enough to complete a full bottle with an easy 10lb weight loss. I usually try and take breaks in between taking weight loss supplements and unfortunately during an off-cycle, OxyElite Pro was no longer being produced or sold. I began trying different weight loss supplements and nothing seemed to work including a doctor's prescription for Phentermine and B12 injections. My problems with each supplement seemed to be: little to no appetite suppression, zero increase in energy, feeling nauseated, or getting extreme migraines regardless of how much water I drank. I ordered Lipodrene back in May 2015 (8lb loss so far) and have been taking it on an as needed basis because even though I am a sometimes coffee and soda drinker I'd like to think I do not have a caffeine tolerance, but WOW Lipodrene has given me the most indescribable boost in clean energy I have ever had. If I take one pill in the morning, I do not need to have a cup (or two) of coffee and am able to make it through my morning cardio session with ease. I also love that it controls my appetite throughout the day which helps me eat controlled portions when I am hungry and not double portions due to "boredom". I swear food seems to scream my name even when I don't need it! The pros are definitely the energy, focus, and appetite suppression; however, I did state that I only take this on an as needed basis which leads me to the cons. No matter how early in the morning I take this supplement, I sometimes have trouble sleeping. I once increased the dosage to two pills in the morning and was so fired up and jittery from just those two pills that I didn't need the additional afternoon dose and proceeded to be awake for over 24 hours. One pill in the morning usually does it for me, but I only take this pill on days where I feel I need that extra boost in the gym due to being unable to get my body to wind down at bedtime. Also, the coating on the pill has to be the most disgusting thing I have ever tasted in my life. The first time I took a pill I nearly gagged because it tastes like someone sprayed Raid on them - no lie. Overall, I am very pleased with my purchase. It shipped and delivered super quick and for the first time in a long time I can honestly say I would recommend this to everyone. You get your money's worth and there really are no false promises being made - this supplement delivers the results it says it will and I have actually found that I don't have to work harder or faster while taking it to get results. Of course eating healthier, more balanced, and properly portioned meals should be common sense; however, no pill is going to help you if you don't at least change that first. The pros definitely outweigh the cons and is totally worth putting up with to shed these last few stubborn pounds.
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
Jul 10, 2015
I've only been taking these pills for a week and a half, I've already lost 5 lbs. Definitely start off with 1 in the mornings, it will get you jittery. Make sure you eat something even if it's just a banana. Taking the morning pills on an empty stomach will make you nauseous.
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
Jun 24, 2015
I use it to reduce chances of getting gout, I use to get gout often now I dont? Gout increases with slow metabolism and this increases your metabolism. If you ever had gout you will do anything to help prevent it .
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
May 30, 2015
really helped suppress apatite and gave great energy when normally on reduced calorie diet you feel so tired. so helped keep me on track with training. only been on it for 2 week and feel the difference around my waist all ready.. have recommended to many friends.
loving the results. you really need to slowly build up the dosage as for me 1 a day is perfect 2 was a bit crazy got a bit shaky :)
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
May 29, 2015
Great product felt it right after I took it in the morning. I've been stuck at my weight for a month now and 2 1/2 weeks after using it I've lost 6lbs, I know this product works
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
May 29, 2015
I finally found a product thats been working for me. For many years Ive struggled to lose a few pounds to be leaner and Lipodene is now my new bff to help me get there. Ive been taking this for 4 weeks and prior to starting on May 5th, I weighed in at 178lbs (I am 5' 8"). I am proud to say that on today May 29th writing this, I am now weighing in at 162lbs!!!!! (lost 16lbs in one month!) I am so happy because I have not seen that number on the scale in over 10yrs!

Lipodrene really curves my appetite and with the help of changing some things on the menu by opting for more "green" in my plate because I was determined to give this a try, I saw that my weight was slowly shedding and my clothes were fitting better. Even my friends noticed in my face and neck where I have slimmed down and that makes me felt really good so much that I will continue this and plan to reorder another bottle very soon.
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
May 06, 2015
Love the product! This is the only weight loss pill I have tried that has ACTUALLY worked. It curbed my appetite and gave me loads of energy!
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
May 01, 2015
Sweet T
This is the best fat burner I have ever used and the only one I prefer. Works every time I use it. About 2 wks after starting it, I can see the results, no doubt. Highly recommend this.
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
Apr 14, 2015
Great energy from taking 2 a day. One in the morning one at lunch. Noticable fat loss within 2 week period. I'd definitely order again.
10 outta 10 product here.
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
Mar 26, 2015
I took the one pill in the morning with breakfast and 5 minutes after my heart raced 115 beats per minute. I couldnt see right and had uncontrollable shaking. It lasted the whole day. Since that happen i didnt take the second pill at lunch. I was driving home from work and i couldnt even park my car on the side of the road before i vommited. I sped home and then violently vommited 8 more times. This might just be my reaction but i would like people to be cautious. I felt like i was going to die..
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
Mar 25, 2015
All about that bass
This pill SAVED ME!

I have had trouble with the last 20 lbs for the past two years. I am a normally fit girl who had a horrible breakup and didn't know I wasn't eating right. I've lost 40lbs on my own, no trainer, no gym (but I was an athlete my whole life) - I'm an hourglass and one of the short girls.... My smallest size is an 8. I was just having trouble with the last hurdle of weight and hit a plateau I've been circling for years. This pill in four weeks has made me lose two inches and one pant size.

Key points for me:
- I don't believe in diet fads. I believe in moderation, portion size, and eating clean
- I don't spend hours at the gym. I workout doing circuit style training 4-5 days a week
- I don't eat crap foods and my health comes first
- I have a CRAZY busy schedule
- I don't believe in taking supplements long term and have never taken any before

I started with half a pill every three hours and got bad headaches and racing heart rate. I only take one and a half pills per day with my method.

IT WORKS - I am feeling back to my skinny mini self and wearing bikinis for the first time ever!
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
Mar 11, 2015
This stuff works! I loved this product. It killed my appetite gave me energy. I've lost 10 lbs in about 3 weeks. I've kept my calories to 1200 a day and this product makes that easier!I love it. I will definitely buy again.
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
Mar 06, 2015
Very happy with fat burner product and service!! Thank you!
*DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.
Feb 27, 2015
i got this for one reason: to show my appetite who's boss, lol.
the arctic zone of misery in new england this winter has made it impossible to go for my daily hour speedwalk. i exercise at home--weights, yoga, etc., but these are not big calorie burners.
in order to avoid blood pressure medication, i need to stay thin. & i am 67 so that is a challenge.
stuck indoors, snacking out of boredom, etc. had allowed a few pounds to creep back on.
enter lipodrene. good bye appetite.
i only take 1 or 2 a day because i am an insomniac & have to wind down big time by the p.m.
but 1 or 2 are enough for my sensitive system. the weight's down where it needs to be. i don't think about food too much.
i love it. (sure beats dieting, obsessing about food & then eventually binging.) also lots of energy & i get a lot done. have i mentioned that i love it?
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Feb 16, 2015
Gives me a nice boost and controls my hunger. I've only used it for about 2 weeks, so no signs of weight loss yet, but I'm optimistic that will come soon.
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Jan 21, 2015
Took product for a week. Everytime I took a pill I'd get extremely nauseous. Half the time I wouldn't even be able to keep it down. Tried with water,food, anything I thought would help but nothing did. Would sweat non stop. Not a good product.
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Jan 16, 2015
Momma Seed
Lost 5 pounds in 8 day. Did feel a little jittery the first few days, but that went away quickly. Seems to have gotten me past my plateau without cutting more calories.
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Dec 10, 2014
Lipodrene has always delivered as a energetic component to workouts, and to life in general. A good answer if one seeks an effective thermogenic compound...
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Nov 20, 2014
Good Price and fast delivery.
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Nov 19, 2014
Lipodrene is amazing product i would recommend this to everyone. gave me good energy and u can actually feel it burn the fat of of u i have lost 5 pounds on this in a 8 day period wonderful product.
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Nov 19, 2014
I started using Lipodrene on a cutting cycle. Taking two a day can easily help you skip a meal and feel fine without the jitters. The ingredients are all the normal supplements you see for cutting stacks. Granted, ephedra is not as good as the real deal, but cutting 400-500 calories out of a normal diet is easy with this product. I highly recommend it, just bought my first bottle, and will be buying a ton more.
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Nov 12, 2014
Product was the lowest price and came quick!
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Oct 29, 2014
I benefit very well after a half dose of Lipodrene. It actually helps me to focus better while studying. Even though I have a great reaction I just want to warn people that by abusing Lipodrene you will put yourself at great risk for a stroke or heart attack. So please be careful and do not take if you have a heart condition.
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Oct 10, 2014
It gave me exactly What I wanted and needed
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Sep 05, 2014
Great service, fast shipping, great product
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Sep 05, 2014
I read the reviews and as we all know... Supplements work differently for everyone. It didn't really give me mood elevation, increase energy or appetite suppressant. The jitters (and mild sweats) only lasted the 1st 3 days. Ive been on them for almost 2 weeks (taking only 1 in the morning) and am considering now taking 2 a day. I personally feel 3/day is excessive. Good news is I sleep well.. Does not cause lack of sleep!! Fastin worked much better, however they pulled it off the shelves for some reason.
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Jun 12, 2014
the product was just what i ordered and arrived before i expected. good company!
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Apr 03, 2014
Loving this Lipodrene product and was very happy with the efficiency of the shipping and will be ordering more soon. Thank you very much!

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Jul 16, 2013
I have tried a number of fat burners, and I've never found one that works as well as Lipodrene. Initially, I used it to give me an extra edge/energy in the morning (I'm a very early riser), but what I soon found was I was losing added fat without even trying. I'm not sure if the addition of ephedra is the reason, but whatever it is, it works! A bit pricey, yes, but if your goal is to lean down and shed unwanted fat, this is the fat burner to try. I will never purchase anything else, that's for sure.
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May 29, 2013
I had energy but no weight loss at all even w exercise and good diet
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Feb 05, 2013
I've been using Lipodrene for years. I like the added energy without a caffeine, jittery feeling. They also help to curb my appetite. Nothing is a miracle worker but this product is an effective tool to help reach my goals.
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Jul 18, 2012
This product is great . On my 3rd bottle lost 34 lbs with 2 bottles in 2months. My friends have ordered lipodrene as well and they love it. Gives a great deal of energy. I run more and best of all I don't crash afterwards. My appetite has improved so much it actually controls my appetite. Thanks will be doing buisness again soon
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Jul 12, 2012
this product is great. Great weight loss product . Did exactly what it says it does. Great energy product . No crash what so ever . Thanks guys
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Jun 17, 2012
Mr. Flint 2012
I took this for a body building contest and the last 8 weeks it gives you energy to get through the workout and burns lots of fat. It makes you very cut and makes up for cheating on your diet. Stunning amounts of enegry through the day. I would argue the best fat burner out there. It was the only reason I made the contest.
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Apr 23, 2012
Great products, great service.
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Apr 05, 2012
The original yellow Lipodrene with 25 mg of Ephedra and 100 mg of caffeine is a great thermogenic energy booster without giving me the gitters or upset stomach like other competitors products. I used to use if for weight loss and lost 50 lbs. in 6 months, along with diet and lots of exercise like supersets with short breaks and cardio machines, because it increases the body temperature, pulse rate, sweat rate, and metabolism rate.

Now I just use it as an energy booster at mid to late day when I feel low energy at work or not enough energy to workout after work. The only thing is it can take 2 - 3 hours to feel the full effect, when taken after eating and can last any where from 5 - 7 hours, but still feels good and natural with no crash.
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Nov 09, 2011
Connie S
This product is great my friends like it too. Very effective, lots of energy , I can focus and I get endurance and strength. I have recommend Lipodrene w/25mg Ephedra to all my friends and so have they. Awesome product! Connie
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Jul 26, 2011
Have used before, and this has been one of the best products, ephedra definitely helps me, but may not be for everyone. I would say try it!
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May 28, 2011
Great product, gives me lots of energy
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May 01, 2011
Have used Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Lipodrene before and loved it. Tried something else that did nothing for me. 1 in the morning and 1 before lunch, energy all day long.
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Mar 19, 2011
Excellent product - lots of energy and no crashing afterwards. Take it everyday in the morning and at lunch - great energy boost!.
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Mar 12, 2011
I have used this product few times and is one of my favorites, I used many products before to get energy and to get rid of those extra love handles and it helps a lot, it does not give me the extremely rush and down of others, I can feel the energy and I can get more focus in my work outs, I was a bit concern because of the ephedra but is my 3rd bottle and I am ordering again, I have recomended to my friends, my girlfriend tried and saw the difference now she steals my pills, and the price is not bad either . I definetly have more lean muscle thanks to this product.
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Mar 11, 2011
Lipodrene is an excellent product. Within 10 minutes of taking it, my energy level soars! It last for hours too. This is the best product I have found since ripped fuel took the ephedra out of its' product line. I highly recommend this product. I don't get much sleep since I work 9 hours a day, but this always boosts my energy level.
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Mar 11, 2011
Lipodrene is a great product. Within 10 minutes of taking it, my energy level soars and lasts for hours. This is the best product I have found since the ripped fuel stopped using ephedra.
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Feb 28, 2011
This is the first supplement that has really helped me lose weight. I am already 10lbs down this month. I am going to take it one more month to try to hit my goal of 130lbs.
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