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75 Day Hard Challenge: What Is It and The Rules

1. Follow A Diet:

Top Secret Nutrition Her Ab Igniter 90 Capsules


If you are on the search for a fat burner, check out Top Secret Nutrition Her Ab Igniter. Top Secret Nutrition Her Ab Igniter is a weight loss aid that is made with crash-less energy stimulators. This supplement will help boost your overall mood and may increase your energy during the day or workout. Top Secret Nutrition Her Ab Igniter may even help with your overall sense of well-being. Step up your fat burning game with Top Secret Nutrition Her Ab Igniter!

Apollon Shogun Fat Burner 90 Capsules


Apollon Shogun Fat Burner 90 Capsules w/ D.M.H.A. If you are looking to loose weight, Apollon Nutrition has got you covered. Apollon Nutrition Thermogenic Fat Burner helps users burn fat and supports an increase in weight loss. This fat burning supplement will also help you improve your focus and provide you with more energy throughout the day. Step up your fat burning game today with Apollon Shogun Fat Burner! 

2. Work Out Twice A Day For At Least 45 Minutes: One of the 45 minute workouts must be outdoors.

Apollon Hooligan 40 Servings


Apollon Hooligan Proceed with caution when using this product! If you are a beginner to pre-workout supplements, definitely only start with one scoop. It’s an extremely potent and intense powder that cannot and will not ever be matched. Hooligan is going to give you massive pumps, extreme energy and laser like focus that you have never experienced in a workout before. This is not for beginners and especially from stimulant sensitive wimps who think anything over 300mg of caffeine is strong. 



APS Mesomorph V3 25 Servings If you are a fan of Mesomorph, APS Mesomorph V3 has come back! This supplement contains three specialized performance complexes and has 25 servings per container. APS Mesomorph V3 will help increase your energy and focus during your workout and will help improve your recovery time. APS Mesomorph V3 supports increased strength as well as increased stamina! We only have a limited amount, get your tub now! 

3. Drink 1 Gallon Of Water Per Day

If you are not a fan of drinking plain old water, check out these amino supplements to make drinking water easier.

NutraBio Alpha EAA 30 Servings


NutraBio Alpha EAA 30 Servings BCAA and EAA Formulas were all the rage in 2019, but let's be honest, they're all pretty much the same and not that exciting right. Until Now that is. NutraBio's Alpha EAA features a full spectrum BCAA and EAA Matrix, but on top of that it also packs an assortment of Nootropic ingredients such as Alpha GPC, VitaCholine, and KSM-66 Ashwaganda, along with CocoPure for hydration. 

Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy 30 Servings


Essential Amino Energy as well as a few new flavors of  Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy is a flexible supplement for a variety of users. The BCAA increases recovery and helps you power through tough workouts. Containing 5 grams of BCAAs and a modest 100mg of caffeine, Amino Energy is great for anytime, not too stimulant heavy, so great for energy and alertness without putting you over the edge. 

4. Read 10 Pages Of Nonfiction Per Day

Serious Nutrition Solutions Focus XT 30 Servings


Are you ready to shake up your workout routine with Serious Nutrition Solutions (SNS) Focus XT?! By utilizing proven ingredients like Taurine, DMAE and even Caffeine, Focus XT provides a mountain of benefits for you and your workout routine. You'll be asking yourself what you ever did without it! SNS Focus XT does it all: provides energy, improves focus, increases endurance, enhances performance, and speeds up recovery.

5. No Cheat Meals

6. No Alcohol

7. Take Progress Photos Everyday