Top 10 Questions About the Prohormone Ban 2024


Since the prohormone ban (hr 4771) has been known and everyone is waiting for it to come into effect, there have been many questions that have been asked about how severe it will be and what it really means for the area of our industry. We wanted to answer some of the questions we hear the most from our customers:


1) I know some of the prohormones will be banned, but manufacturers will just come up with different compounds like they did before right?

A: During the few prohormones bans over the past 10 years, any new prohormone that was to be added to the 'ban' list needed to be very chemically similar in composition to others on the banned list for the DEA to prove it was steroid. The difference with the new bill is that it now says if it's even marketed as anything like a prohormone, they only need to prove it structurely similar and then it can be added to the list.

Plus with manufacturers, importers, exporters or distributors, they can be fined up to $500,000. Why would they want to risk that?

Also there are new provisions that allow the attorney general to add new compounds without judicial review. Meaning they add a new compound to the list, 30 days later it's illegal.

2) Once it's signed into law, there will be a 30 day grace period right? So I still have time!

A: According to the experts that have insider information about this bill, there will be no grace period after it's signed. This is 100%, but retailers and manufacturers are not taking that chance. They want to get rid of them all now.

3) There is still a chance that Obama won't sign right!

A) Yes, but why wouldn't he sign it. (UPDATE: SIGNED AND IN EFFECT)

4) If I stock up on prohormones, how long are they actually good for?

A: Most manufacturers give their prohormones a shelf life of around 2 years. We recommend storing them in a dark, dry and cool place.

5) I will still be able to buy them after they are illegal right? Ebay, Amazon? Maybe other retailers? Get them from China?

A: There could be, but every transaction that is done, the seller or retailer can be fined up to $1,000. And they will be illegal. eBay, Amazon and other websites will be watching out for sellers and removing them as they find them. Then with shady websites, you really don't even know what you are getting. The DEA will be looking for importers of these as well, so it's going to be almost impossible to import these compounds too. Advice, we wouldn't risk trying to buy them there!

6) How many compounds are on the banned list right now?

The main prohormones you may know are:

  • Halodrol
  • Epistane
  • Trendione
  • Furazabol
  • Max-LMG
  • Protobol
  • Formestane

7) What Prohormones Are Still Legal in 2015?

A: There are still come great supplements and replacement prohormones out there that are available and are totally legal. Some alternatives and replacements are:

You can see the complete list of prohormones that are legal here.

8) Are they banning anything else besides prohormones?

A: Yes, they are banning some ingredients that are found in PCT (post cycle support) supplements. They are also banning some compounds found in AI (aromatase inhibitors), better known as estrogen blockers.

9) Is there anything I can do to stop this from happening?

A: Not really.

10) Where can I learn more about this ban?

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