Epistane (2A, 3A EPITHIO-17A-METHYL-5A-ANDROSTAN-17B-OL) is a legal, methylated prohormone used to increase lean muscle mass. Many 1st time prohormone users do their 1st cycle with Epistane because it balances remarkable results with few side effects.

What are the Benefits of Supplementing with 2A, 3A EPITHIO-17A-METHYL-5A-ANDROSTAN-17B-OL?

Lean muscle gains! Many individuals gain 5-10lbs of lean muscle mass during a cycle. The goal of most bodybuilders is to gain muscle and lose fat. Epistane brings really dry gains!

What are the Side Effects of Using 2A, 3A EPITHIO-17A-METHYL-5A-ANDROSTAN-17B-OL?

Epistane is anti-estrogenic, meaning that it blocks the conversion of testosterone to estrogen in the body. This all but eliminates the chances of gynecomastia or sensitive breast tissue, side effects attributed to harsher prohormones.

The low toxic load makes side effects less likely, but as with all prohormones you may experience dry joints, back pumps, and libido issues.

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Is 2A, 3A EPITHIO-17A-METHYL-5A-ANDROSTAN-17B-OL a Cutting or Bulking Prohormone?

Cutting prohormone. Although some users report huge muscle gains, its primary use is for putting on lean muscle mass.

How long is the Cycle?

The typical cycle is 3-5 weeks, with 30 days being most common.

What dosage would you recommend?

Beginners: 20mg/day

Intermediate: 20mg-40mg/day Week 1: 20mg Week 2: 30mg Week 3: 30mg Week 4: 30mg


Week 1:20mg Week 2:30mg Week 3:30mg Week 4:40mg

Should I take Cycle Support?

Yes! Cycle Support should be used. Prohormones can place tremendous stress on your liver and kidneys in particular. Take Competitive Edge Labs Cycle Assist to protect your body during cycles.

Should I take a Post Cycle Therapy?

Yes! You need to re-start the natural production of hormones that were shut off during your cycle. Arimiplex is one of the most popular PCT's on the market.