Sadly, Epithio 2A 3A has been banned and no longer available, but we can suggest a wonderful substitution.

The closest thing out there now that works is Muscle Addiction EpiAndro:

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What is 2a 3a-epithio-17a-methyletioallocholanol?

Epistane is the nomenclature for 2a 3a-epithio-17a-methyletioallocholanol, a potent methylated prohormone. 2a 3a-epithio-17a-methyletioallocholanol is an aromatase inhibitor, so individuals will pack on lean muscle mass without water retention or annoying estrogen related side effects.

What are the benefits of 2a 3a-epithio-17a-methyletioallocholanol?

•Dry Gains

•Increased Lean Muscle Mass

•Improved Sexual Desire and Performance

•No Water Retention or Gyno

What are the side effects of 2a 3a-epithio-17a-methyletioallocholanol?

Prohormones carry side effects like acne, back pumps, hair loss, and gyno. Epistane is an anti-estrogenic, so gyno and water retention are highly unlikely.

If you experience back pumps you can supplement with Taurine to alleviate the issue. Take 9 grams/day split into 3 even doses.

Recommended Dosage/Cycle Length

Cycle length can vary from 1-6 weeks, and the dosage ranges from 10mg-40mg. It is highly advised that you start with the lowest dosage for a few days and then increasing the dose incrementally.

What products contain 2a 3a-epithio-17a-methyletioallocholanol?

There are several popular Epistane products on the market including Vital Labs EPI 2A3A.

Epistane can be stacked with Halodrol to get even more shredded.

If its your 1st cycle take Epistane alone before deciding to stack with other prohormones.

Do I need A Cycle Support?

Yes! Methylated prohormones are dangerous for your liver and other organs.

Cycle Support products help ensure good health, allowing you to make optimal gains with minimal side effects.

Do I need a PCT?

Always! Post Cycle Therapy products help you re-start your natural testosterone production, while solidifying the gains from your cycle.

When Will my Prohormones Start to Work?

The answer varies by product, but typically results are seen within 10 days of starting a cycle.