Anavar Vs Oxandrolone

Anavar Vs Oxandrolone

Anavar vs. Oxandrolone

"The best thing you can take for a cutting cycle"

"Almost no side effects"

"Don't have to inject anything"

    If you’ve been working out long enough to have done any type of research into anabolics, then you’ve heard of “Anavar”. Aside from testosterone, it’s probably the most widely searched and well-known anabolic out there. “Great for losing fat, great for women because it doesn’t masculinize them, it’s just a pill so you don’t need needles.” Certainly, you’ve seen or heard these phrases touted about this compound.

    What exactly is Anavar?

    What does it do?

    Is it as great as everyone says?

    If it’s a steroid, how is it available on

    Isn’t it illegal?

    Firstly, the actual name of what this compound is, is oxandrolone. Oxandrolone is an anabolic steroid that was formulated originally in 1962 as a medication to help in weight gain for various ailments like severe burns, bone pain from osteoporosis, muscle wasting from AIDS, etc. Anavar is a brand name that a pharmaceutical company used to label the generic oxandrolone and sell it. Think of how Pepsi or Coke are the brand names for cola. Anavar is a brand name of Oxandrolone which was developed by Pfizer (Pfizer was actually G.D. Searle & Co. back then). To this day, oxandrolone is one of the few anabolic steroids still prescribed due to its effectiveness at what it does.

    Oxandrolone is derived from dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Its design was to have a very strong separation of the anabolic and androgenic effects, meaning that there would be very little androgenic properties while retaining as much of the anabolic properties as possible. Additionally, it was designed to have no significant estrogenic or progestational effects (progestational meaning progestrogen). When comparing on a mg-to-mg basis, oxandrolone is far more anabolic than testosterone while being much less androgenic. Keep in mind, though, that you’d be taking far less of the oxandrolone mg daily than you would testosterone mg daily (25-50mg to 250mg+ respectively).

Chemical Structure Comparison

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Does Oxandrolone really help burn fat?

    In a randomized study of 32 men of some taking 20mg daily vs placebo for 12 weeks, it was found that insulin sensitivity improved and visceral and extremity adipose tissue decreased.

    Another study with 29 women shows that there were losses of fat tissue of the whole body as well.

    Keep in mind, oxandrolone shouldn’t be used as a fat burner. It’s an anabolic and should be treated as such. Using excessive amounts of oral steroids in an effort to drop from 350lbs to 180lbs isn’t going to do you, your health, or your wallet any favors. It’s very easy to out eat a steroid, and this compound is no exception

Side Effects

    Since androgenic side effects are still possible, though low and unlikely, you could experience:

  • Oil skin
  • Acne
  • Body Hair Growth
  • Facial Hair Growth
  • Increased Male Pattern Baldness
  • Women could experience virilizing effects
    • Deepening of voice
    • Skin texture changes
    • Facial hair growth
    • Clitoral growth
    • Menstrual disruptions and irregularities
  • Liver damage
  • Deleterious serum cholesterol effects
    • Reducing HDL, increasing LDL
  • Natural testosterone suppression

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How much to take as a woman?

    In many physique enhancing protocols, 5-10mg daily of Oxandrolone would illicit noticeable growth while minimizing the noticeable androgenic effects. A cycle would last 4-6 weeks.

How much to take as a man?

    In many physique enhancing protocols, 15-25mg daily of Oxandrolone, taken for 6-8 weeks is very common.


    In most situations, Oxandrolone is taken while on a cutting cycle. Due to its testosterone reducing effects, it’s almost always taken with a base of testosterone as well, but this is also dependent on the mg you’re taking and how long.

A very common cutting Anavar cycle would be an Anavar / Test / Clen Cycle which would be 12 weeks long

  • Testosterone at 250mg/week
  • Anavar at 25-50mg/day
  • Clenbuterol at 40-80mcg/day tapering up
  • Additionally you’d want an aromatase inhibitor to block the build up of estrogen caused by the aromatase enzyme.
  • A Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) at the end is needed as well

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How Can You Sell Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Anavar If It's a Steroid?

    Anavar is available on from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals. . . .but, isn’t it illegal to buy Anavar without a prescription? Well, Oxandrolone as Anavar is illegal to buy without a prescription. Anavar, being just the patented name, is legal to buy from our sites since it’s a prohormone. Patented names all have a lifespan on them. Once the life of a patent runs out, it’s open-game to buy. Hi-Tech bought the name Anavar and labeled their prohormone as such. So Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Anavar is not oxandrolone. It’s precursors to compounds like 1-testosterone and testosterone with more non-hormonal muscle builders added in.

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