Bang Energy vs. 3D Energy Which Is Better?

Bang Energy vs. 3D Energy Which Is Better?


Years ago when you thought about an energy drink you probably thought of Redbull. Despite the tagline "Redbull Gives You Wings", I think most of us can agree Redbull was pretty lackluster when it came to energy, and it was a sugary mess. It was full of wasted calories and too much sugar which lead to a crash, and worst of all, it hardly provided any caffeine or any energy.

When VPX brought out Bang Energy drinks, a new type of energy drink was born. Bang is as much a pre-workout or sports nutrition supplement as it is an "energy drink". Bang contains Amino Acids, CoQ10, Super Creatine, as well as Vitamins and minerals. And probably what Bang is most known for is the super huge serving of caffeine, 300mg!!!

Bang in a large way kind of introduced the sports nutrition world to a new type of energy drink. Since then many other competitors including Monster, Rockstar, and of course 3D as well as others have entered the energy drink market putting out high caffeine and high energy, energy drinks along with added nutrients.

In today's post we're going to put Bang energy drinks up against 3D energy drinks and see which comes out on top. Which is you're favorite? Feel free to drop your own reviews or share your own thoughts in the comments section below...


So when it comes to flavor options between Bang and other energy drinks, Bang is hard to beat. Not only because Bang energy drinks taste great, but the huge volume of flavors isn't matched by many other brands. Not only the volume of flavors but the variety. Bang has everything from Keto Coffee flavors to Champagne to fruit and berry flavors like Blue Razz, and Bangster Berry, and they also have some candy flavors like Sour Heads, Star Blast, and Rainbow Unicorn.

While 3D energy drinks has 7 flavors, it's not nearly as many as Bang, I've been hugely impressed with 3D's flavor options thus far. After hearing some friends and gym buddies rave about 3D Energy Drink recently, I decided to give them a try and I've been hooked since. My favorite thus far being 3D's Red, White and Blue Flavor which is Freedom Pop which is essentially a rocket bomb or bomb pop type flavor. Rocket Bomb seems to be the new hot supplement flavor with all types of brands rolling out their own version of it and while most come up short and taste pretty bad, 3D's Red, White and Blue energy drink literally tastes like a melted bomb pop, it tastes fantastic. Not only one of my favorite takes on the bomb pop, but probably one of the best, if not the best tasting energy drinks I've ever had.

For this category we're going to give the win to Bang, in large part because of the huge number of flavors they have, as well as the unique nature of their flavors. That said, if we were going to simply go off the best tasting flavor, I'd probably have to give the win to 3D Energy.  

One thing I'd give to both these energy drinks on their flavor profile, is traditional energy drinks are sugary and oftentimes have a test and texture of being syrupy. Both 3D Energy and Bang Energy do great job of making an energy drink which is flavorful and tasty, without being sugary or syrupy, and without having that chemical artificial sugar taste that many sugar free and calorie free drinks oftentimes have.


So when it comes to pure energy and caffeine content, Bang would win hands down. Bang packs 300mg of caffeine and is an extremely powerful energy drink. Now for stim-junkies and those who love caffeine Bang is great for that. For a lot of people however, 300mg of caffeine is a bit too much. When you begin to search Bang Energy on Youtube one of the results whch auto-populates is "Bang Energy Drinks too strong", which tells me that a significant portion of people find Bang to be a bit too much caffeine. For myself personally, if I drink an entire Bang, it's a bit too much.

Sometimes you even if you do love caffeine and stims, you don't necessarily want 300mg of caffeine. Sometimes you want a late afternoon pick me up, but don't necessarily want to be completely wired out of your mind. In these situations Bang isn't really a great option, unless you plan on only drinking half the can.

3D Energy on the other hand has 200mg of caffeine. For me personally this is the ideal amount. It's more powerful than a Redbull or a cup of coffee, but not quite to the level of a Bang, for me this is the perfect medium.

Despite Bang having over 33% more caffeine, it can be a little too much for some users so I'd give the win to 3D on caffeine and energy levels, despite Bang actually providing more caffeine in a can.

Additional Ingredients

Now one of the things that really differentiates Bang and 3D from traditional energy drinks aside from less calories, less sugar, and more caffeine, these drinks also typically have additional ingredients like Amino Acids, CoQ10, Super Creatine, and more.

Bang really revolutionized the energy drink market by adding creatine, amino acids (BCAAs) and CoQ10.

3D does contain a proprietary energy blend which includes taurine, caffeine, panax root extract, l-carnitine tartrate, inositol, and guarana seed extract, however it lacks the creatine, CoQ10, and the larger dose of aminos Bang adds to their drink.

For this category of additional ingredients we're going to give the win to Bang.

And The Winner Is...

So now the part you all want to know. Who wins this Bang vs 3D Energy Drink Showdown?

Well first off we'd love to hear what you think. I think there's a case to be made for each of these to be the king of the energy drinks. A lot of it probably comes down to personal preference in regards to taste, flavor options, and caffeine levels.

Now I'm sure some of you are going to be disappointed by the end result here, but I'm going to have to put Bang and 3D as dead even in the best energy drink contest.

So Bang definitely gets big props for being pioneers and changing and revolutionizing the energy drink market, no doubt about that. Bang also takes the edge in many areas such as the amount of flavors, and additional ingredients like CoQ10, BCAAs and Super Creatine.

3D energy drinks are great as well. As far as the best tasting energy drink, of course this is very subjective, but personally I'd give that to 3D for their Red, White and Blue Freedom Pop energy drink flavor. I also really like the fact that they have 200mg of caffeine as opposed to 300mg of caffeine which I personally find to be a bit too much in most situations. So for these reasons I'm goign to have to make it a tie.

Too much of this comes down to personal preference such as favor options and caffeine levels. I think some people are going to put Bang as their favorite and others are going to name 3D as their favorite. For me personally I'd give it to 3D, but that's just me.

We'd love to hear what you think. Who do you think has the best energy drink on the market...Bang or 3D? Drop a comment down below, let us know your favorite brand, as well as your favorite flavor and why.

Jun 22nd 2023 Madison Tong
Madison Tong
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