Quest Nutrition Is Coming Out With Protein Puffs

Quest Nutrition introduces a crispy and crunchy puff snack that contains a whopping 17 grams of protein per bag. Quest Nutrition is known for the Quest Protein Bars, their protein shake, and have come out with Quest Frosted Cookies. Now they just released Quest Crunchy Protein Puffs.

Quest Nutrition Quest Crunchy Protein Puffs are light 28g bags of crispy and crunchy puff pieces that are easy to bite through, packed with flavor, and contains 17 grams of protein. This new functional food also includes only 4.5g of fat, 3 to 4g of carbohydrates, and only 2g of sugar at 130 calories which is a similar balance to Quest Protein Chips. 

Quest Crunchy Protein Puffs comes through in the macro department with an exceptional delivery on taste and texture. We don't have these in stock yet, but we are excited to get our hands on a bag!

Mar 5th 2024 Madison Tong
Madison Tong
Madison has been in the fitness and supplement industry now for almost five years. She prides herself with helping speak about the newest supplements and fitness trends to hit the industry. She loves the outdoors, endurance training and helping other meet their fitness goals.
Madison Tong

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