What Is Epistane?

Also known as methylepitiostanol, Epistane is a prohormone. Epistane may be listed as 2a,3a-epithio17a methyl-17b-hydroxy-5a-androstane and 2a,3a-epithio-17a-methyl-5a-androstan-17b-ol. It was made popular under the names Havoc and Hemaguno early on. Epistane is a derivative of DHT but is non-aromatizing and non-progestanic.

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Gains with Epistane are considered dry and hard. Epistane should cause an increase in strength, libido, and a well-being. Epistane also shows anti-estrogenic effects meaning it may also reduce estrogen while on cycle. You will not need an anti-aromatase while on cycle with Epistane.


What Does Epistane Convert To?

Although not conclusive, there is some evidence to support its conversion to desoxymethyltestosterone (Pheraplex).

Is Epistane For Cutting, Bulking or Strength?

Generally Epistane is reserved for cutting cycles but it is strong enough to be used in bulking cycles.

Can Women Take Epistane?

It is not recommended that females take Epistane.

What Prohormones have Epistane in Them?

Can you can find the complete selection of Epistane Here.

Is It Methylated?

Epistane is methylated but does cause less damage to the liver than most methylated compounds thus allowing for slightly longer cycles (4-6 weeks).

Q&A: Epistane On Cycle:

What Dosage Of Epistane Should I Take?

Typical doses are 20mg-40mg per day. Beginners should start at the low end and work their way up. We created a Cycle Support Guide to answer all your questions about On Cycle Support protocol.

How Should I Cycle Epistane?

Epistane can be taken for cycles of 4-6 weeks. Beginners should start with 4 weeks and novice/advanced users may go up to 6 weeks.

Can I Stack Epistane?

What can I take it with? Epistane is often stacked with Halodrol.

When Does Epistane Kick In?

Users generally begin to see results by days 10-14.

When Should I Take Epistane (Time of Day)?

Epistane should be split in 2-3 per day doses dependent upon the amount of Epistane per capsule. It is best taken 4-6 hours apart.

Should I Take Epistane With or Without Food?

Why/why not? Epistane may be taken with or without food. Being methylated it does not need anything else to allow for proper absorption. Just take your doses 4-6 hours apart.

Do I Need To Take Liver Support? Will There Be Any Negative Effects On My Liver?

Epistane is methylated and although it does cause less stress to the liver than most it is still recommended that users take a liver support supplement.

Do I Need A Cycle Support Supplement?

A cycle support supplement is recommended with all prohormones. These cycle support products may help reduce the stress that prohormones have on the body.

Can I Drink Alcohol While On Epistane?

It is not recommended to consume alcohol with Epistane or any prohormone.

How Should My Diet Be On Epistane?

While there is no specific diet for Epistane, you will adjust your calories dependent upon your goals. To gain mass and weight you will eat calories in a surplus and to lose weight you will reduce calories.

Q&A: Epistane Side Effects:

What Side Effects Are There With Epistane?

Common side effects with Epistane are back pumps, cramps, dry skin and joints and increased blood pressure.

Can I Get Gyno From Epistane?

Epistane is anti-estrogenic and also contains anti-aromatase properties so it will not cause gyno.

Can I Get Depressed While On Epistane?

Users of Epistane generally notice an uplift in mood and well-being on cycle.

Does Epistane Cause Hair Loss?

It is uncommon for users to experience hair loss but some have noticed shedding after weeks 3-4.

Does Epistane Cause High Blood Pressure?

Epistane can increase blood pressure. If you are worried about blood pressure, make sure to take a cycle support product.

Can Epistane Cause Headaches?

Increased blood pressure is usually the cause of headaches while on cycle and this may be common with Epistane.

Can Epistane Cause Joint Pain?

Epistane may cause a drying out of the joints. This is common and may lead to some joint pain.

Can Epistane Lower Your Libido? Can It Improve Your Libido?

Most users report an increase in libido at the beginning of the cycle and a leveling off towards the middle and end.

Can It Make Me Tired?

Some users have reported lethargy while it is uncommon.

What Will It Do To My Mood?

Epistane may cause uplift in mood and well-being.

Can It Cause Nausea? Upset Stomach?

If you are experiencing nausea with Epistane, make sure to take your dose with food and this should be eliminated.

Will There Be Any Water Retention?

Epistane should not cause any water retention and actually should dry you out.

What Does It Mean To Pulse Cycle Epistane?

An example of a pulse cycle would be taking Epistane on workout days only or every other day. Also the cycle may last for a longer period of time due to not taking it every day. Many will experiment with 40mg of Epistane on workout days or every other day and the cycle will last for around 8 weeks. Many feel this will cause fewer side effects but will also lead to fewer gains. This cycle was made popular with the original IBE Epistane but is not very common now.

Q&A: Pulse Cycle

Can I Take It Year Round?

Epistane along with all prohormones should not be taken for longer than 8 weeks at a time.

What Is The Dosage During A Pulse Cycle?

Typical pulse cycle doses are 40mg every other day.

Does A Pulse Cycle Require a PCT?

To cover all bases pulse cycling should still be followed by a proper PCT.

How Long Does a Pulse Cycle Last?

A pulse cycle should go no longer than 8 weeks.

Q&A: Epistane Post Cycle

Can Epistane Help Reduce Gyno?

Epistane does have some anti-aromatase properties which have shown a reduction in gyno but will not completely eliminate it.

Can Epistane Help Reverse Gyno?

Epistane may reduce gyno but will not completely reverse it.

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