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Carlson Labs SUPER OMEGA-3 Lemon 100 ML

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 Carlson Labs SUPER OMEGA-3 Lemon 100 ML
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Carlson Labs Super Omega-3 Lemon Flavor 100mL

Support a healthy brain and heart by ensuring you get your daily dose of Omega-3 oils with Carlson Labs Super Omega-3. With each spoonful, you can support healthy immune system function, improve your skin and nail quality, and even improve your blood circulation! Omega-3’s are essential fatty acids that are a vital component of every healthy diet. Now in a delicious and refreshing lemon taste, Carlson Labs Super Omega-3 is sure to keep all of your systems functioning properly so you can conquer whatever life throws at you.

About Super Omega-3

It’s no secret that Omega-3’s are the key to maintaining overall health. So many vital organs and bodily processes require this fatty acid to function properly: Omega-3s reduce triglycerides, stabilize your heartbeat, make platelets "less sticky" and can even lower blood pressure. Taking Super Omega-3 from Carlson Labs daily will help prevent artery-blocking clots and support a healthy heart. In keeping your arteries clear, you're immediately improving brain function, giving you increased mental clarity and improving your mood, as Omega-3s also work to alter your neurotransmitters to help reduce depression. Super Omega-3 will also reduce joint pain and improve mobility by adding lubrication to your joints and decreasing inflammation. What’s more, Carlson Labs is an eco-friendly modern facility located on the coast of Norway in Scandinavia, ensuring that your Super Omega-3 is made from wild caught and sustainably sourced fish. No need to worry about Mecurury or other unwanted additives. Carlson Labs Super Omega-3 is derived from fish bound for human consumption, resulting in a pure, higher-quality, superior tasting product. Each batch is tested by an FDA-registered laboratory to guarantee freshness, potency, and purity.Get your great-tasting lemon Super Omega-3 oil from Carlson Labs today and support your body with the Omega oils it needs!


  • promotes brain and heart health
  • decreases inflammation
  • great tasting lemon flavor
  • made from wild caught and sustainably sourced fish
  • processed and bottled in Norway

Directions & Dosage

Carlson Labs recommends taking one teaspoonful daily at mealtime. After opening the bottle, keep refrigerated and use within 100 days.

Ingredients & Supplement Facts

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