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Formutech Nutrition Carve Water Loss 100 Capsules

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Formutech Nutrition Carve Water Loss 100 Capsules

Formutech Nutrition Carve Water Loss supplement is an ideal combination of ingredients that make for a potent diuretic to help you rid your body of excess water. This supplement is ideal for those looking to cut water weight and help reveal muscular definition for that leaner, harder and more vascular look.


  • All Natural ingredients


  • Supports excess water removal under the skin.
  • Safe and all natural diuretic.
  • Enhances your look for a leaner, harder body.


Take 5 veggie capsules 2 times daily. Preferably 5 veggie capsules after breakfast, and 5 veggie capsules after lunch. Be sure to drink an additional 8 oz. of water with each serving. For best results begin taking CARVE 3 - 5 days before any scheduled event.



Carve Water Loss Supplement Facts


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