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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals ADDEREX-SR 60T



Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Adderex-SR 60 tabs

Adderex-SR from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals brings you the latest in nutraceutical technology; the solution to chronic fatigue that plagues most working adults. Ditch the overpriced and bad-tasting coffee and caffeine drinks and switch to Adderex-SR, the only energy source you need to power through your day. In addition to enhancing your cognitive abilities and memory, Adderex-SR also improves your overall mood so you’ll not only work harder, but you’ll feel great too!

About Adderex-SR

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals brings you the latest attention and focus aid in Adderex-SR. This powerful supplement incorporates Hi-Tech’s revolutionary proprietary blend of phenylethylamine alkaloids, called Thermo-Rx. This blend stimulates multiple aspects of your cognitive ability, including mental focus, concentration, and memory.

Each human brain contains a complicated network of neurons and neurotransmitters that directly control behavioral health and cognitive abilities. Diminished levels of neurotransmitters in your brain can have a negative effect on many human behaviors, such as attention, impulsivity, hyperactivity, and stress. Supporting healthy, normal levels of brain neurotransmitters helps promote your brain’s ability to process information, which can directly result in increased productivity. The nutraceutical ingredients in Adderex-SR work to make sure your neurotransmitters are functioning at peak levels, promoting an energized state, elevated mood, and heightened concentration. Take your cognitive function to the next level with Adderex-SR!


  • promotes enhanced cognitive and memory function
  • improves concentration
  • increased attention span
  • elevates overall mood

Directions and Dosage

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals recommends taking 1-2 tablets in the morning and 1 tablet after lunch daily. Do not exceed 4 tablets daily.

Ingredients and Label