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Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals CAFFEINE POWER 100 Tablets

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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Caffeine Power 100 Tablets

Tired of forcing down bad-tasting coffee or energy drinks just to feel awake? Well, skip the beverages all together with Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals’ Caffeine Power tablets! Each tablet packs a whopping 200mg of caffeine - that’s over double the amount of caffeine in the average cup of coffee. Say goodbye to over-priced fancy coffee and energy drinks and say hello to Hi-Tech’s Caffeine Power, the only energy source you need to help you power through your day.

About Caffeine Power

Caffeine has been the stimulant of choice for centuries - in fact, it is the world’s most widely consumed drug. As a natural energy source, caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and temporarily reduces drowsiness while increasing alertness. Caffeine also increases the release of adrenaline in your body, which can act as a thermogenic agent and raise your metabolic rate, meaning it increases the use of body fat for fuel. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Caffeine Power delivers the maximum dosage of this powerful, natural stimulant. Each tablet contains 200mg of caffeine to ensure that you can conquer the toughest of tasks no matter how exhausted you feel. Skip the trendy energy drinks and feel the power of Hi-Tech’s Caffeine Power!


  • 200mg of caffeine per tablet
  • increased energy
  • heightened mental alertness/focus

Directions and Dosage

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals recommends taking one tablet every 3-4 hours. Do not exceed recommended dosage. Not intended for children under 12.

Ingredients and Label