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Protean 4.3 Lbs | iFORCE Whey Protein

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Protean | iFORCE | Whey Protein

iFORCE Nutrition is known for creating quality, affordable products that taste absolutely delicious. The taste is so good that you may forget you are drinking a protein shake. iFORCE Protean contains 25 grams of whey protein, including 25,000mg of EAA's, BCAA's, and NEAA. Your body is thirsty for nutrients after a long workout, and delivering fast-acting whey protein is what it needs most. Protein is the building block of muscle, so including a protein supplement in your post-workout nutrition is essential to building lean muscle mass, accelerating the recovery process, and improving your performance. Give Protean a try after your next workout, you will be glad you did!

Protean is available in several tasty flavors including Brown Sugar Maple Oatmeal Cookie, Chocolate Milk, Vanillia Dream, and Strawberries & Cream.

Protean Benefits

•25 Grams of Protein

•BCAA's, EAA's, and NEAA's


•Supports Weight Loss

•Mixes Instantly

•Superior Taste

Protean Product Review

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Protean Stacks

Protean is a popular post-workout supplement that can be combined with other popular iFORCE products like Compete, Dexaprine XR, and Creaplex Creatine.

Compete: Intra-workout supplement that helps increase the intensity and duration of your workout, yielding better gains.

Dexaprine XR: Fat loss supplement that helps you burn body fat, increase energy levels, and suppress appetite.

Creaplex Creatine: Daily muscle-building supplement that helps you add size, strength, and accelerate recovery. Add to you Protean shake for convenience.


Mix 1 scoop of iFORCE Protean with 6-10 oz of milk or water. Shake and consume. Take 1-4 servings daily as needed.



Whey Protean Supplement Facts