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IFORCE Swolemate 30 Servings

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iForce Nutrition SwoleMate 30 servings

If you’ve been searching for the perfect gym partner, we’ve found your SwoleMate! iForce Nutrition brings you the ultimate training buddy, one that will always show up and never let you down, sick out, or ditch you for a hot chick. SwoleMate always has your back, packed with muscle enhancing ingredients clinically proven to help you take your workout to the next level. iForce loaded this intra-workout with BCAA’s and electrolytes to help you push yourself through even the toughest of workouts. Are you ready to meet your SwoleMate?

About SwolMate

iForce Nutrition's SwoleMate is the only training partner you will ever need - the one you won’t be able to lift without. SwoleMate will push you to go longer and go harder, no matter how tough your workout is. The scientists at iForce Nutrition designed this intra-workout BCAA supplement to help you reach your full potential, to strengthen you mentally and physically just like a gym partner is supposed to do. SwoleMate is loaded with BCAA’s (branched chain amino acid) to increase your muscle protein synthesis and help you build muscle. Because our bodies naturally enter a catabolic state during exercise, this means that you are actually breaking down muscle tissue for energy while you are working out. Kind of counter-productive, right? Not to worry, SwoleMate has your back. The 7g of BCAA’s in SwoleMate keep your body in an anabolic state while you train, giving you a crazy strength boost, reduced fatigue, and supernatural endurance.

Just like its name promises, training with SwoleMate will have you feeling Swole! When Nitric Oxide levels are raised in your body, this causes your veins to expand through a process called vasodilation, giving you that swollen feel as your muscles tighten up and feel fuller. In addition to giving you that swollen, bulging look, elevated Nitric Oxide levels means your muscles are getting more blood, oxygen, and nutrients during training, leading to bigger gains overall.

SwoleMate goes beyond just making you Swole and juicing you up with BCAA’s - the scientists at iForce Nutrition made sure that all of your bases are covered with this intra-workout supplement. While most performance enhancing products on the market today are packed with stimulants, this can leave you feeling jittery or experience a mega crash after your workout. SwoleMate is here to make sure you stay energized without the nasty side-effects. Packed with Methylcobalamin, this natural non-stimulant energy source will give you the motivation you need to push through the toughest workout without crashing afterwards. StoleMate is also filled with electrolytes to ensure that you stay hydrated throughout your workout.

Your SwoleMate is your gym partner for life, staying by your side no matter if you’re having a great day or a bad one. Whether you are training for a competition, body recomposition, weight loss, or just for fun, SwoleMate has your back. SwoleMate is there for your PR and your failed sets, whether you are bulking or cutting. When it seems like you can’t count on anyone else, you know you can count on SwoleMate. Get your Swole on with SwoleMate from iForce Nutrition!


  • enhances muscle fullness
  • promotes bigger pumps
  • explosive strength
  • superhuman endurance
  • reduced recovery time
  • great-tasting flavors

Available Flavors

Sour Lemon Candy
Rocket Pop
Snow Cone

Directions and Dosage

iForce Nutrition recommends mixing 1-2 scoops in 8-16oz. of cold water and consuming during exercise. On non-training days, mix one scoop of SwoleMate with water and enjoy for a tasty energy boost!

Ingredients and Label

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