JujiMufu Ahhh!!! Smelling Salts

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JujiMufu Ahhh!!! Smelling Salts

JujiMufu Ahhh Smelling Salts provides you with a stronger jolt compared to other smelling salts. JujiMufu Ahhh is one of the most sophisticated smelling salts formula that will provide you with bursts of energy and improve your focus. This smelling salt may increase your heart rate and oxygen levels while helping to activate the nervous system. Pick up a bottle today!

JujiMufu Ahhh!!! Smelling Salts Benefits

  • Stronger Jolt Compare To Other Smelling Salts
  • Most Sophisticated Smelling Salt Formula
  • May Increase Heart Rate & Oxygen Levels
  • Helps Activate Nervous System
  • Bursts Of Energy & Improved Focus

How Do I Use JujiMufu Ahhh!!! Smelling Salts?

Take one sniff before doing a heavy lift or when you need a burst of energy or alertness.

What Does Jujimufu Smelling Salts Smell Like?

Jujimufu will help you experience the fun and edginess of smelling salts, especially if you haven't used smelling salts in a while. Jujimufu Smelling Salts are the strongest smelling salts formula.

What Do Smelling Salts Do To The Body?

Smelling salts provide a stimulant effect because of the ammonia which irritates a person's nasal and lung membranes when it is sniffed. The result smelling salts cause is involuntarily inhaling which causes you to start breathing faster and sends more oxygen to the brain.

What Are Smelling Salts Good For?

Smelling salts are used to arouse consciousness because of the release of ammonia. It is also used to irritate the membranes of the nose and lungs which causes an inhalation reflex. This reflex will alter the pattern of breathing and results in improved respiratory flow and alertness.

JujiMufu Ahhh!!! Smelling Salts Side Effects & Warnings

Uncommon side effects can include coughing and difficulty breathing. 

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