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Life Extension

Life Extension Dog Mix 100g

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Multi-Nutrient Formula for Pets - Life Extension Dog Mix 100g

Help promote your pet's health and wellness with Life Extension Dog Mix!

Life Extension Dog Mix Benefits

  • Enhances Intestinal, Metabolic, & Immune Health w/ Probiotics
  • Helps Maintain Physical Health 
  • Promotes Healthy Brain & Kidney Function 
  • Contains Clinically-Studied Ingredients
  • Carnitine Supports Healthy Energy Levels & Body Composition

How to Use Life Extension Dog Mix

For dogs weighing 20-30 pounds, mix 1 scoop a day into your pet's food or a treat. Adjust amount according to weight. Refrigerate after opening. Density may vary. 

Life Extension Dog Mix Ingredients

Serving Size 1 scoop (approx. 1.667 g)

Servings Per Container about 60

Amount Per Serving


Vitamin C 50 mg

Vitamin E 16.8 mg

Super Nutrition

Rosemary, thyme and sage extracts 30 mg

Essential Vitamins

Thiamine 2 mg

Riboflavin 5 mg

Niacin 4 mg

Pantothenic acid 2 mg

Vitamin B6 2 mg

Vitamin B12 10 mcg

Folic acid 500 mcg

Protein Synthesis and Water Balance

Trimethylglycine (TMG) (as betaine anhydrous) 250 mg


Probiotic concentrate 3 mg

[L. acidophilus, L. plantarum, B. bifidum, B. Lactis (providing 250 million CFU†)]

Mixed Carotenoids

Vitamin A Betatene 20 mcg

Tomato (fruit) 2 mg

Glucose Metabolism and Longevity

Alpha Lipoic Acid 5 mg
Amino Acid

L-carnitine (as L-Carnitine L-tartrate) 50 mg

Essential Fatty Acids

Flaxmeal (Linum usitatissimum) (seed) 1100 mg

†Colony Forming Units at time of manufacture

Ingredients: flaxmeal, betaine anhydrous, L-carnitine L-tartrate, ascorbic acid, silica, d-alpha tocopheryl succinate, rosemary extract, sage extract, thyme extract, riboflavin, folic acid, alpha lipoic acid, dicalcium phosphate, Betatene ® [beta-carotene with mixed carotenoids (alpha-carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin)], probiotics (L. acidophilus, L. plantarum, B. bifidum, B. lactis), niacin, d-calcium pantothenate, pyridoxine HCl, thiamine HCl, tomato, maltodextrin, methylcobalamin.
Contains fish (tilapia).
1 - Betatene® is a registered trademark of BASF SE.

Life Extension Dog Mix Warnings

This product is not meant to replace veterinary care. Any animal not responding to nutritional therapy should be seen by a licensed, competent veterinarian. Always inform your veterinarian if your animal is taking a supplement.

KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. DO NOT EXCEED RECOMMENDED DOSE. Do not use if outer seal is broken or damaged.