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Metabolic Nutrition Relaxitrol 60 Capsules

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Metabolic Nutrition Relaxitrol 60 Capsules

Metabolic Nutrition Relaxitrol is a supplement that will help improve REM sleep and promotes deep sleep and relaxation. This supplement reduces anxiety and tension during times of high stress. Metabolic Nutrition Relaxitrol restores healthy sleep patterns and aids in immune system health. This supplement optimizes natural testosterone, thyroid, and HGH output while also boosting metabolism and recovery. Pick up a bottle today!

Metabolic Nutrition Relaxitrol Benefits

  • Improve REM Sleep
  • Reduces Anxiety & Tension During Times Of High Stress
  • Promotes Deep Sleep & Relaxation
  • Restores Healthy Sleep Patterns
  • Optimizes Natural Testosterone, Thyroid, HGH Output
  • Aids In Immune System Health
  • Boosts Metabolism & Recovery

How Do I Take Metabolic Nutrition Relaxitrol?

For Relaxation: During times of high stress and anxiety, take one (1) capsule of RelaXitrol.

For Sleep: Start by assessing your tolerance with two (2) capsules of RelaXitrol 30 minutes prior to sleep. For maximum effect, the recommended serving is three (3) capsules.

Metabolic Nutrition Relaxitrol Ingredients


Metabolic Nutrition Relaxitrol Side Effects & Warnings

Do not exceed recommended dose. Consumer must be at least 18 years of age. Consult with healthcare professional if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, have sleep apnea, or other sleep disorders. Keep out of reach of children.