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Nature's Plus NutraSec 90 Chews

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Nature's Plus NutraSec 90 Chews

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Nature's Plus NutraSec 90 Chews

If you are looking to improve your overall digestive health, check out Nature’s Plus NutraSec. Nature’s Plus NutraSec helps improve your overall digestive health and provides nutritional support for healthy digestive functions. This is an smooth and great tasting product that instantly provides comfort. Nature’s Plus NutraSec also keeps stomach acids from irritating unprotected tissues. Pick up a bottle today!

Nature's Plus NutraSec 90 Chews Product Benefits

  • Improves Digestive Health
  • Nutritional Support For Healthy Digestive Function
  • Instant Soothing Comfort
  • Smooth & Great Tasting
  • Keeps Stomach Acids From Irritating Unprotected Tissues

How Do I Take Nature's Plus NutraSec 90 Chews?

Chew one (1) tablet after a meal, or as needed (up to 3 tabelts) with eight  (8) fluid ounces of water. Don’t exceed 15 tablets in a 24 hour time period.

Nature's Plus NutraSec 90 Chews Ingredients

Serving Size: 1 Chewable Tablet

Calories 5

Total Carbohydrates 2 g <1%*

Sugar Alcohols 1 g †

Gastro-Block (sodium alginate, sodium

bicarbonate, calcium carbonate, protease

6750 HUT, lipase 1071 FIP, amylase 579

  1. DU) 400 mg †

Bromelain (from pineapple fruit) (80 GDU) 40 mg †

Papain (from papaya fruit) (70,000 units) 35 mg †

Apple Pectin 30 mg †

Apple Cider Vinegar 12.5 mg †

Amylase (from brown rice fermentation)

(1500 units) 10 mg †

Lipase (from brown rice fermentation)

(500 units) 10 mg †

*Percent Daily Values (DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

†Daily Value Not Established.

Other Ingredients: Xylitol, stearic acid, magnesium stearate, saw palmetto berry, peppermint leaf, fennel seed, ginger (Zingiber officinale root), rosemary leaf, catnip and natural peppermint flavor.

Nature's Plus NutraSec 90 Chews Side Effects and Warnings

This product may contain chemicals known to the State Of California to cause cancer and birth defects or reproductive harm.     


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