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Prime Nutrition PRIME Nutrition AGMATINE 50SV
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Prime Nutrition Agmatine 50sv

Get the most out of your workouts with Prime Nutrition’s Agmatine! This muscle-supporting supplement is primarily designed to boost your body’s nitric oxide production, which directly supports increased circulation, leading to better blood flow and bigger pumps. Agmatine’s benefits also include improved mood, increased energy, enhanced athletic performance, and other anti-oxidant properties.

About Agmatine

Prime Nutrition’s Agmatine offers a wide variety of performance-enhancing benefits for fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes alike. Agmatine is found in tissues throughout the body and is synthesized and stored astrocytes, glial cells in the brain and spinal cord, which provide structural and metabolic support to the nervous system among other actions. The Agmatine Sulfate in Prime Nutrition’s Agmatine is derived from the amino acid arginine, which is found naturally in foods like shrimp, spinach, sesame seeds, and white meat turkey. Adding Agmatine Sulfate (arginine) to your diet will promote increased energy, improved mood, and elevated nitric oxide production. In addition, Agmatine also has a variety of anti-oxidant properties that promotes function and health in your brain. Adding Prime Nutrition’s Agmatine to your supplement routine will promote healthy muscle growth and better endurance in the gym.

Increasing your Nitric Oxide production can have a wide variety of benefits, as nitric oxide plays a key role in the control of blood circulation and regulating the activities of several major organs in the body including the brain, lungs, liver, kidneys, and stomach. For athletes, the main benefits of Nitric Oxide lay in its ability to speed muscle growth and recovery time, as well as increasing blood flow. Most importantly, Nitric Oxide directly affects the release of hormones and adrenaline in your body, two key processes every athlete is constantly focused on. Prime Nutrition’s Agmatine will get your blood flowing so you can get your best pump possible, while also getting bigger and recovering faster.


  • improves mood
  • decreases stress
  • enhances energy and athletic performance
  • increased circulation and blood flow for better pumps

Ingredients and Label

Agmatine Supplement Facts

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