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Universal Nutrition Animal Meal 5lb

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Universal Animal Meal 5lb | Meal Replacement Protein Powder Protein Powders Universal
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Universal Animal Meal 5lb

Universal Animal Meal is a premium quality meal replacement or meal substitute. It's comprised of a unique blend of whole food based ingredients to provide a superefficient and easily digestible source of balanced nutrition. Animal Meal has been formulated for elite athletes who need a nutrient dense, yet easily digestible calorie source. In the past many consumers have been hesitant to use meal replacement powders due to the lack of products with quality ingredients and many products having fillers and cheap calories. Universal decided to do something about that. They teamed up with IFBB Pro Evan Centopani to create this meal replacement which is high quality and without any chemicals or fillers. If you're looking for a high quality and easily digestible meal replacement then you've found it. Pickup a tub today. 

Universal Animal Meal Highlights

  • Derived from Whole Foods
  • Easily Digestible
  • Optimal Absorbtion
  • Lactose Free

Animal Meal Flavor Choices

  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla

What is Animal Meal & Why Should I Take It?

Animal Meal is a meal replacement powder made with high quality ingredients and whole foods. Animal meal uses simple, straightforward, and wholesome ingredients that were selected for their easy to digest nature. This means it can provide balanced and sustained nutrition. Animal Meal was made without any artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives, and can be consumed anytime throughout the day where you would normally have a meal. 

What makes Animal Meal is unique is the fact it was a collaboration with Evan Centopani, AN IFBB Pro. Animal Meal was designed to meet his exact nutritional specs and requirements. 

How to Take Animal Meal Powder?

Mix 3 level scoops of Animal Meal with 12-16 ounces of your favorite beverage. Use 1-2 servings per day.

Universal Animal Meal 5lb Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 3 Level Scoops (122g)

Servings Per Container: 19

Calories 500

Calories from Fat 125

Total Fat 14g

Saturated Fat 3.5g

Trans Fat 0g

Cholesterol 230mg

Sodium 590mg

Potassium 570mg

Total Carbohydrate 48g

Dietary Fiber 4g

Sugars 15g

Protein 46g

Vitamin A 90%

Vitamin C 40%

Calcium 15%

Iron 15%

*Percent Daily Value based on a 2000 calorie diet. Your Daily Values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

Ingredients: Animal Meal Protein Blend (pea protein isolate, instant egg white powder, dried whole egg protein, beef protein isolate), Animal Meal Carb Blend (sweet potato powder, pea starch, tapioca dextrose, rolled oats), olive oil powder, cocoa, natural vanilla flavors, sea salt, monk fruit extract, steviol glycosides (stevia), Contains: Egg. Made in a GMP facility on equiment that processes milk, soy, egg, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, and wheat. 


This  product is not for use by any individual under the age of 18. Please  consult with a physician before using this product. Do not take this  product if you have or are at risk for any medical condition or disease. Not for use by children, patients, pregnant or nursing  women. Stop use and consult your physician if  any side effects occur.Stope use two weeks  before surgery. The use of this product may be banned by some  athletic associations. Athletes should consult with their sanctioning  authority before use. Exercise good judgment and keep this out of reach  of children. Store this product in a cool, dry place, away from heat,  moisture and sunlight. Do not exceed recommended dose.


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