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Xtreme Performance Gels EpiAndro-Gel 100ML

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Xtreme Performance Gels EpiAndro-Gel 100ML

If you are looking to maximize your muscle gains, Xtreme Performance Gels has got you covered. Xtreme Performance Gel EpiAndro-Gel will help you increase your strength while maximizing your muscle gains. This product will help you improve your muscle definition and improve vascularity. Xtreme Performance Gel EpiAndro-Gel may even help you lose weight in the process of using it. Pick up a bottle today!

Xtreme Performance Gels EpiAndro-Gel Product Benefits

  • Maximizes Muscle Gains
  • Increases Strength
  • Improved Muscle Definition
  • May Help With Weight Loss
  • Improved Vascularity

How Do I Use Xtreme Performance Gels EpiAndro-Gel?

Apply one to two (1-2) squirts to the skin, up to twice daily. Space it out to 8-12 hours. Can apply to areas like inside of arms, thighs, torso, and tops of feet. Shake well before using.

Xtreme Performance Gels EpiAndro-Gel Ingredients

Isopropyl Alcohol

Propylene Glycol


Octyl Salicylate

3B Hydroxy-5A Andros-Tan-17One


Triglyceride Complex


Xtreme Performance Gels EpiAndro-Gel Side Effects and Warnings

Don’t exceed four (4) ML per day. Don’t use this product for longer than eight (8) weeks.  


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