Epicatechins FAQ

What are Epicatechins?

Epicatechins are a myostain inhibitor found in cocoa beans and dark chocolate. Epicatechins release another molecule called follistatin in place of myostatins.

They are beneficial to weight lifters particularly because they increase strength, pumps, and muscle hardness.

Epicatechins have recently started garnering attention as a prohormone replacement. The 2014 Prohormone Ban has left many people searching for the next big thing.

Two product categories really stand out: Epicatechins and Laxogenins. These products are gaining popularity because they increase size, strength, and endurance without any notable side effects.

Blackstone Labs Epi Cat is the best Epicatechins supplement on the market. Users will quickly notice better strength output, massive pumps, endurance, and vascularity.

What is Myostatin?

Myostatin is a GDF-8 (growth factor) that inhibits muscle development during myogenesis. Athletes and bodybuilders love anabolic environments where muscles can grow bigger and stronger.

Myostatins regulate muscle mass, so they are the enemy of anyone looking to improve their physique.  

Will Epicatechins Affect My Hormone Levels?

No! This compound is not a steroid, prohormone, or HGH. This also means that both men and women can take these products without issue.

Do I Need a PCT or Cycle Support?

Nope. Your hormone levels are not affected by Epicatechins, so both PCT and Cycle Support are unnecessary.

Is there Any Liver Toxicity?

No!   Methylated prohormones wreaked havoc on your liver, and required cycle support products to reduce or eliminate side effects.

Epicatechins have no liver toxicity. This is another advantage they have over prohormones and steroids.

Are These Supplements Legal?

Yes. Many products were banned in Dec. 2014. Epicatechins are a 100% legal supplement and should remain so since they have no affect on hormone levels.

Epicatechins Benefits

•Inhibits Myostatin

•Increases Strength

•Lean, Dry Gains

•Increases Endurance

•No Side Effects

Side Effects

Epicatechin supplements are a new product category, so more research will be beneficial. So far there are no notable side effects.

Cycle Length

The typical cycle length for Epicatechin products like Blackstone Labs Epi Cat is 8 weeks.

Epicatechins Studies/Research

1. Muscle Growth and Differentiation

2. Endurance Training Adaptation

3. Fatigue Resistance

4. Vascular Muscle Control

5. Promotes Survival and Longevity

6. Enhanced by Exercise