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5% Nutrition Real Carbs Rice Chocolate 50 Servings

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 5% Nutrition Real Carbs Rice Chocolate 50 Servings
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5% Nutrition Real Carbs Rice (Was Real Foods)

A Real Food Source for Real Gains!

If you are looking at this product, you probably know Rich Piana of 5% Nutrition. He is one of the most passionate athletes and bodybuilders in the business and wants everyone like him to reach their goals quickly and effectively. Rich Piana knows that eating real whole foods is one of the most important things a bodybuilder can do to build hard, lean muscle. Not just once or twice per day, but many times throughout the day.

With work, school, family...getting all the whole food you need to achieve your goals is not always possible. These things don't allow you to always get time to put together a whole food meal. You are on a schedule and your time is valuable. This is why Rich Piana formulated Real Food Rice, a real food meal replacement that makes it so you never have to go without a meal that you desperately need.

What Makes Real Food Rice so Good?

100% Real Rice Tapioca Oats!

  • Whole Food Carbohydrates: This product gives you a simplistic whole food carbohydrate, real rice!
  • Meal Replacement: This product is very versatile. You can take it alone as a meal replacement, a post workout shake, or take it along with a protein shake for an even heavier meal.
  • Low Glycemic Index Carbohydrates: Rich Piana only used low blood sugar impacting complex carbohydrates. This way Real Food Rice isn't stored as fat. Rich wants you to build lean muscle, not fat!
  • Convenience: Rich wants you to hit all the macros goals you have. Real Food Rice can be mixed up in a shaker bottle or even stirred in a glass. It mixes instantly!
  • Tastes Amazing: And what is a supplement, if you can't stand to drink it. This is why Rich Piana made this product taste so food you will have no problem drinking it multiple times per day and never get tired of it!

The Taste

This is one of the biggest areas of issue when taking a meal replacement. Rich Piana knew that and is why he flavored this product as Cocoa Heaven, which closely resembles the taste of Cocoa Krispies.

Other Benefits

  • 100% Real Rice Tapioca Oats
  • Tastes Amazing
  • No Added Sugars
  • 40 Grams of Easily Digestible Carbohydrates
  • Use as Meal Replacement, Post-Workout or Pre-Workout Carb Loading

Directions / Dosage

Miux 1-2 scoops of Real Food Rice depending on your carbohydrate and macros needs throughout the day. Can be mixed with your favorite protein shake to increase the total macros to reach your goals.

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