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APS Nutrition Chain'd Reaction 300 Grams

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BCAA Recovery & Muscle Growth - APS Nutrition Chain'd Reaction

Branch Chain Amino Acids, or BCAA are super important when being a bodybuilder or fitness guru! These little amino acids are there to help your recovery process go through faster and even help aid in muscle growth! And, APS Nutrition found a way to make it all taste good! With a 2:1:1 BCAA ratio, this supplement won't disappoint! Work hard, recovery better and repair your body with APS Nutrition Chain'd Reaction! 

Benefits of Chain'd Reaction

  • Protein Synthesis / Anabolism
  • Anti-Catabolism / Muscle Sparing
  • Glycogen Resynthesis
  • Helps Preserve Lean Muscle
  • Rebuild Muscle & Recover Faster
  • Increase Growth Hormone

What are BCAAs? 

BCAA are called Branch Chain Amino Acids. These are little acids that help make up what protein is. These include Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine. These will feed your skeleton and push your body to keep going, by building endurance. It also helps keep your body's glucose storage in tacked and fuel your body! 

Directions & Dosage

APS Nutrition recommends taking 1-2 scoops of Chain'd Reaction and drink 1-3 times per day. Make sure to take it on training days and rest days. One serving should be taking intra workout for best results. Can be taken by both men and women.

Less Than 150lbs: 1 Scoop
150-200lbs: 2 Scoops
More Than 200lbs: 3 Scoops

Ingredients & Label