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Dynamic Health 100% Organic Ginger Juice 16oz

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 Dynamic Health 100% Organic Ginger Juice 16oz
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Dynamic Health 100% Organic Ginger Juice 16oz

Not only is ginger tasty, it also has anti-inflammatory properties and is helpful with upset stomachs and digestive issues. Dynamic Health Ginger is 100% certified organic ginger juice and is n

Dynamic Health Organic Ginger Juice Product Highlights

  • 100% Unsweetened Ginger Juice
  • Ginger is  Anti-Inflammatory
  • Ginger May Settle Upset Stomach
  • Certified Organic
  • Non-GMO

Is Drinking Ginger Juice Good For You?

Drinking ginger juice is often done to help clear a sore throat. Fresh ginger is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and is known to act as a pain reliever. 


Serving size is 1tbsp (15mL) of Organic Ginger Juice. May be mixed with water, seltzer, or beverage of your choice. 

Dynamic Health Organic Ginger Juice Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 TBSP (15mL)

Servings Per Container:  32

Calories 5

Total Fat 0g

Cholesterol 0mg

Sodium 0mg

Total Carb <1g

Dietary Fiber 0g

Sugars 0g

Protein 0g

Vitamin C 4%

Other Ingredients: Certified Organic Ginger Juice from whole root (filtered water sufficient to reconstitute organic ginger puree) and citric acid)


Store in a cool dry and dark place. 


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Mashhadi NS, Ghiasvand R, Askari G, Hariri M, Darvishi L, Mofid MR. Anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory effects of ginger in health and physical activity: review of current evidence. Int J Prev Med. 2013;4(Suppl 1):S36–S42.

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