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Fit Butters 16oz

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Fit Butters 16oz

Fit Butters are premium nut butters that promote a fit, healthy, and active lifestyle. Fit Butters are perfect for those who care about their health and wellness. Fit Butters are formulated using a unique blend of nuts, flavors, textures, inclusions, healthy fats, and high quality protein sources. Fit Butters are made with healthy fats from nuts and coconut oil and friendly macros for fitness loving lifestyles. Plus these Fit Butters come in a variety of flavors! Pick up a tub today!

Fit Butters Benefits

  • Highest Quality Protein Sources
  • Healthy Fats From Nuts & Coconut Oil
  • Friendly Macros For Fitness Loving Lifestyles
  • All Nuts Roasted In-House

Fit Butters Flavors

  • Rory's Cookie Monster Madness Cashew
  • Caramel Fudge Coconut Cookie Cashew/Almond
  • Birthday Cake Cashew/Almond
  • Banana Maple French Toast (Vegan) Cashew/Almond
  • Cookie Butter (Vegan) Cashew/Almond

How Do I Use Fit Butters?

Spread it or dip it with your favorite snacks.

Fit Butters Ingredients

Fit Butters Side Effects & Warnings

Fit Butters are not required to be refrigerated. Fit Butters can be stored at room temperature. Avoid putting light to extend the shelf life; store in a dark pantry or room. Refrigeration can extend the shelf life of your Fit Butter, but it is not required. If you choose to refrigerate your Fit Butter, please know it may harden, but will soften back at room temperature.